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Why do women have night sweats? What are the methods to prevent them?

Four seas entertainment news: night sweats is normal, because the body feels too hot. If you turn down the room temperature, reduce the pajamas or change the thin quilt, and still sweat a lot at night, you may have problems. What's wrong with women's night sweats? What's the cause of women's night sweats? How to reduce women's night sweats? Let's tell you by Xiaobian!

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What causes female night sweats

Yin deficiency and fire flourishing: deficiency leads to Yang prosperity, deficiency heat is endogenous, Yin Qi is empty, sleep is to protect Qi and sink into Yin, there is no guard on the surface, the muscle surface is not dense, the fire in glory is only flourishing outside, steaming heat, forcing fluid to leak out is sweat. Wake up, Qi is solid in the surface, Xuanfu closed and sweat stop Yin.

Most of the patients with light night sweats are in deep sleep, or at 5:00 am or 1-2 hours before waking up, sweat is easy to come out, and the amount of sweat is less. Only when they wake up, they feel that the whole body or some parts of the body are slightly wet, and no sweat is released again after waking up. Generally not accompanied by uncomfortable feeling.

Most of the patients with moderate night sweats can sweat out soon after they fall asleep. They can even make their sleeping clothes wet. After waking up, they will stop sweating. After wiping the sweat on their bodies, they will not sweat again. This type of night sweats, patients often have a sense of heat, hot sweat, wake up sometimes appear dry mouth throat dry feeling.

In patients with severe night sweats, perspiration is easily released. Not long after falling asleep or just close your eyes when you are about to fall asleep, there is a large amount of sweat pouring out in the night. After sweating, you can wake up, and the sweat will converge instantly after waking up. Go back to sleep and sweat again. The amount of sweat is large, and the sweat often has a light salty taste, or the sweat is mixed with sweat odor at the same time. If the bed clothes are not replaced several times a night, they can't sleep soundly. Some patients with severe syndrome can make their bedclothes wet. When the bedding is thin or the mat is used, sweat can be printed on the bed board. These patients are often accompanied by obvious sense of heat and irritability, dry mouth after sweating, like cold water. Usually accompanied by low fever or hot flashes, five heart trouble hot, cheekbones red, dizziness, emaciation, fatigue, deep urine color, less urine volume, dry stool.

Light and medium-sized night sweats will not cause much damage to the body. However, for patients with severe night sweats, their condition will worsen over a long period of time, which will lead to the development of "getting rid of symptoms" and seriously threaten the health and life safety of patients.

How to reduce female night sweats?

If night sweating often occurs, which will affect your sleep, or accompanied by fever and weight loss and other symptoms, then you should go to the hospital to find out the real reason and start treatment as soon as possible. This is the real way to reduce night sweating. In addition, some life changes can help you sleep better at night.

1. Choose light, loose and sweat absorbent cotton pajamas.

2. Choose pure cotton bed sheet. The quilt should be made of pure cotton and light. If it's cold to fall asleep, it's better to cover two thinner quilts than one thick one, so that you can lift one immediately when you feel hot.

3. Pour a glass of ice water on the bedside table. If you wake up from sweating, you can take a sip.

4. Turn down the temperature of air conditioner or heater.

5. Refuse any food and drink that may make you sweat during dinner or before going to bed, such as spicy dishes and hot tea.

6. Put a fan in the bedroom and turn it on when you sleep.

7. Try to sleep in a separate room with your partner. More room for activity and less body temperature from the person next to your pillow may improve sweating.

8. Eat balanced food and do a certain amount of sports during the day