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Why do women get menopause? What are the conditioning methods of menopause?

Four seas entertainment news: the general female in 45 ~ 55 years old will be in the menopause symptom occurrence, the majority female has the different degree different symptom performance. So what are the symptoms of female menopause, how to recuperate? Xiaobian arranges the symptoms and recuperation methods of female menopause here, for your reference, I hope you can get something in the process of reading!

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Symptoms of menopause in women

1. Nail changes. Fingernails and toenails become thinner, brittle and more likely to break.

2. Body odor changes. Hormonal changes can increase the risk of foot odor, halitosis or body odor.

3. Dry eyes. Dry eye disease, accompanied by tingling and blurred vision, is also a sign of menopause.

4. Dry or itchy skin. Hormonal changes can lead to dry skin and skin hypersensitivity or tingling.

5. I feel sad and want to cry. Ovarian dysfunction and hormonal changes can lead to mood swings and more uncomfortable psychological feelings.

6. Memory errors. Due to the loss of ovarian function, many women will have short-term memory loss and memory errors.

7. Irritable and aggressive. Irritability is one of the most common signs of menopause, and it's still hormonal changes at work.

8. Mood swings. The loss of ovarian function and the change of hormone levels can lead to emotional fluctuations such as sadness and depression.

9. Tension and anxiety. Anxiety is also a major sign of menopause, with specific symptoms including shaking, sweating and being easily frightened.

10. Wrinkles increase. Hormone changes can lead to skin relaxation, decreased elasticity, skin thinning. Wrinkles are most likely to appear in the eyes, cheeks and lips.

11. Hair loss or thinning. Because the hair follicle needs estrogen, so as the female estrogen level drops, hair loss or thinning comes one after another.

12. The face is hairy. With the decrease of female hormone and the increase of male hormone, the body will be hairy, such as the increase of upper lip, chest and abdomen hair and black.

13. Weight gain. It is common to gain weight in the waist and lower abdomen. It is better to use diet control and strengthen exercise, if necessary, ask dietitian to make weight loss program.

14. Delusional illness. Sometimes hormonal changes can cause women to feel "wrong.". For example, I always feel unwell, but I can't tell where the problem is.

Methods of regulating female menopause

1. Learn to face yourself

Menopause is an inevitable period. At this time, women should first regulate their own emotions, hold a positive attitude, do not suspect, and properly control their emotions.

2. Scientific diet

Menopausal women's hormones are in a state of imbalance, so the diet at this time should be based on the balance of hormones, eat more vegetables and fruits, of course, you can also eat some meat food appropriately, try to diversify the diet, and eat less animal viscera. Eat more calcium containing food, because menopausal women are prone to calcium deficiency.

3. Pay attention to rest

Many climacteric women will have insomnia, dreamy, suspicious. In fact, most of them are caused by their own psychological pressure. At this time, women should pay special attention to rest and try to develop a good work and rest time.

4. Take part in more sports

Exercise is the best health care method, because it is for menopausal women, at this time more time to participate in sports, such as swimming, jogging, yoga, these are good choices. Yoga is of great help to balance women's physical and mental health.

5. Communicate with your family more

Home is the harbor of happiness. Menopausal women easily have different views on this society due to their physical and psychological changes. If they lose the opportunity to communicate, they will be at a loss. Therefore, they should give themselves more opportunities to communicate with family and friends, tell their thoughts to their families, and learn to speak if they need help.

6. Tourism

Tourism is the best way to regulate the mood. For menopausal female friends, it's not safe to put down their work, put down all the pressure and give themselves a chance to travel. The place to travel may not be far away, but it is enough to let the pressure in the heart empty.

7. Perfect sex

In fact, menopausal women also need sex. At this time, as the other half, we should try our best to give women a good sexual life satisfaction. A harmonious sexual life is of great help for women to spend menopause smoothly.

8. Get rid of bad habits

Smoking, drinking, will cause great harm to human health, and for menopausal women, if excessive smoking and drinking, it will cause neurological disorders, genital aging and other diseases.

9. Find yourself something to do

When people are busy, it is easy to forget many unhappy things in life. Therefore, menopausal women should also let themselves have their own business. You may not be a strong woman, but you can't do nothing all day, or be a volunteer, or participate in some recreational activities to keep a good mood and balance through the menopause.

10. Learn to pamper yourself

A woman's life is spent taking care of her family. At this time, women can actually spend some time on themselves, either doing beauty, shopping, or watching a movie, or simply love themselves without doing anything.

Menopause is not really terrible, as long as you treat it with a healthy attitude, then menopausal women can be sexy and lovely.