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Why postpartum roommate pain? Postpartum roommate pain precautions inventory summary

Four seas entertainment news: postpartum roommate why pain? Many postpartum women will have such doubts. The following is a small series of carefully arranged for you postpartum roommate pain reasons, let's have a look. In general, after 6-8 weeks of postpartum sexual life, due to postpartum body has not been fully recovered, sexual organs also have a sense of imbalance, sexual life requirements are generally not as strong as before pregnancy.

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Causes of postpartum roommate pain

1. In general, after 6-8 weeks of postpartum sexual life, due to postpartum body has not been fully recovered, sexual organs also have a sense of imbalance, sexual life requirements are generally not as strong as before pregnancy. At the same time, the effect of ovarian hormone is not enough, the softness of vaginal mucosa is also a little poor. So we should pay attention to moderate sex life. In addition, endometriosis can also cause pain in sexual life, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for examination.

2. Two months after cesarean section, women's functions in all aspects of the body will return to normal state, and they can gradually begin to resume sexual intercourse. However, postpartum women may have dry vagina and other causes of sexual discomfort, so it is generally recommended to use condoms containing lubricants or female external spermicide or vaseline to lubricate the vagina. As long as you open your mind, don't have too many ideological concerns, will slowly adapt.

3. After giving birth, the perineum wound healed and the uterine wound recovered slowly. It took about 40-60 days for the wound to heal completely. In addition, there was a lot of bleeding during childbirth, excessive labor force during labor, and the tiredness at the beginning of breast-feeding. Their constitution was extremely weak and their resistance was greatly reduced. They needed long-term nursing care. Lactation, the body's high prolactin secretion will inhibit the normal endocrine function of the ovary, resulting in the lack of adequate estrogen support in the vagina, the secretion capacity of glands reduced, and may lead to pain and dryness when rooming. Premature sexual intercourse can cause inflammation of cervicitis, endometritis and adnexitis, or hinder the healing of perineum and vaginal wounds, as well as the recovery of postpartum health.

How does postpartum roommate painful do

It's better for the couple to have more foreplay. In addition, due to the postpartum body posture can not completely return to the past, the husband and wife can communicate in many ways, especially the husband should comfort and encourage more, the first time postpartum rooming, you must wait for more lubricant secretion. And try to be gradual and circuitous. Don't "raise your head, carry your gun and run fast". It's important to be more romantic and gentle. After roommate must urinate in time, otherwise, it is easy to cause urinary tract infection.

Rooming time after cesarean section

The delivery mode of Baoma is different, and the time of rooming after delivery is also different. In fact, the most important thing is that the recovery time of their own wounds is different. For women who have caesarean section, the wounds will be larger and the recovery time will be longer. Generally, they will wait until three months. This is a popular recovery time, and it does not rule out that some women recover faster. However, for the sake of maternal health, we still need to respect women, take care of the health of their wives, and wait until they are completely recovered before having sex.

Rooming time after delivery

Women's natural childbirth is more beneficial to the health of the baby, some people say that the natural birth of the baby, after the extrusion of the birth canal, the baby will be more intelligent. So it is not only conducive to the baby's intellectual development, natural delivery of maternal is also easier to recover health, natural labor left by the wound is relatively small, recovery healing time will be faster, but generally also about two months.

Notice of postpartum roommate pain

1. The sex should be moderate. Postpartum recovery of sexual intercourse, not excessive, action to be gentle, postpartum lactation of women's ovarian function is inhibited, ovarian follicles are static. It is impossible for this kind of still and undeveloped follicle to produce estrogen. The vaginal mucosa without estrogen is not only thin, but also fragile and inelastic.

2. Do not share the same room for 2 months after cesarean section. When sharing a room after cesarean section, the action must be gentle and moderate, and can not be pulled and inserted by a large margin. Roommates should not be too frequent and the action should not be too violent, so as to avoid causing pudendal laceration. Some postures need to be changed and designed to prevent the pain caused by pressure on the wound site. The husband also needs to understand that if at any time you feel unwell, he should stop.

3. Contraception is also required during lactation. Due to the particularity of postpartum lactation and the influence of traditional concepts, many girls think that their menstruation will not be pregnant if their menstruation is not restored, so they never take contraceptive measures during lactation. However, during lactation, ovulation may occur. If you are not careful at this time, the risk of induced abortion is also very high, which will have a great impact on pelvic floor and uterine repair.

4. Avoid vaginal laceration. The main manifestation of vaginal laceration caused by postpartum rooming is vaginal active bleeding after sexual intercourse, the blood color is relatively bright red, and some women may have pain. Once there is active bleeding after rooming, it should be treated in time to avoid excessive bleeding.