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Why are the ghost Yanya Lun together? Is ghost Yanya Lun together

Recently, actor Luo Jiaying suddenly sent out a group photo of Yanya Lun and ghost Wu Yingjie. He also said that ghost and Yanlun are beautiful, happy and on the right pair. Is this a good news for two people?

In fact, there was a love affair between the two men earlier. At that time, Luo Jiaying was very optimistic about them. Who knew that they had been dating for so long. This time, Luo Jiaying finally announced it.

Wu Yingjie, born in 1989, is a film and television actor, singer and host. He made his debut in 2005 because of his participation in the TV program "I love the black society".

Yanyalun, formerly known as Wu Geng Lin, was born in 1985 as a singer, actor and member of the men's group Fahrenheit. Yanyalun is versatile. In addition to a variety of musical instruments, it also has the identity of singer and actor. It is a new generation of idol artists. He has always been daring to speak, often commenting on current events and expressing his feelings on Facebook.

It must be known to all that ghosts and yanyalun are very good friends and have known each other for ten years.

It has been rumored that Yanya Lun likes ghosts.

Is this ten years, finally sincere, gold and stone open? Moved ghosts, to marry yanyalun?

As early as ten years ago, yanyalun said in the media that if the ghost has not married after ten years, I will marry her. If I have not married a wife by the age of 30, I will marry the ghost.

And once again, ghosts said they wanted to get married in Greece. Yanyalun immediately said that he was willing to start saving money to go to Greece to get married.

It seems that yanyalun is really passionate about ghosts.

The relationship between the two has always been very mysterious. Since yanyalun met the ghost shoes, the youngest brother in the group was forced to become a mature and stable big brother who would take care of people, but occasionally bullied his younger sister. He should not only keep his demeanor, but also tolerate ghosts and ghosts in everything, but also be responsible for finishing the field, fighting fires and cleaning up the mess.

Where can I find such a good big brother. What are the ghosts waiting for? Marry him!

People have been waiting for you for ten years!