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Why does leg cramp? The fastest solution to leg cramp

When we sleep at night, sometimes we wake up with cramps in our legs. I believe everyone has had this kind of taste. In fact, calf cramps are caused by our failure to protect our calves or having some bad habits. So, how to do when crus cramp.

Method / step

1. When a cramp occurs, try to straighten the cramped foot, not downward, but five feet pointing up, and then lean forward, and try to stretch the thumb of the cramped foot with both hands. Do not bend the leg, otherwise it will not work. If you hold on for a minute or two, the cramp will disappear.

2. When the leg cramps, can also use the way of one foot jump to alleviate. Leg cramps, endure the pain, with cramped feet stand on the ground, the other foot bent up, and then the heel up, people also along with the upward. But, remember, hand must hold thing, lest fall.

3. When the foot cramps, the people around you can also quickly iron the hot towel, and then use the hot towel to compress the leg of the cramped leg. Remember, when applying, try to accompany massage, for straightening cramps is a very effective method.

4. When people around you have cramps, remember that you can sit opposite the cramped person, then pull your hands together, and use your own feet to face each other's cramped legs, and then press the other's toes with your own feet. Keep your partner's cramped leg straight, which will also slow the cramp quickly.

5. When the leg cramps, remember, do not bend the leg again, or circle it, otherwise, it will make the cramp more painful. The best way is to quickly stretch the tendons and pull them back to the original position, and then the pain will stop naturally.

6. When you have a cramp, you can also stand on one leg without cramp, and then bend the cramped leg back and lean toward the thigh. Then reach behind the body with both hands, grasp the foot of the cramped leg and pull it upward. In this way, the symptoms of cramp can also be alleviated quickly.

7. Psychological rescue method has a lot of people crus cramps only know knead, in fact, you can try. Tell yourself to relax and relax your legs. You can also say it when you think about it. This method is suitable for friends who have just developed calf cramps. You can also talk and rub your legs.