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Why always want to urinate again cannot come out? Pee does not make water how to treat

Why do you always want to urinate and still can't urinate? Incomplete urine is a common physiological problem for middle-aged women. It's really annoying to go to the bathroom many times every night. What should middle-aged women do if they don't urinate? Here's how to do if middle-aged women don't make enough urine. Let's have a look.

What is endless urine?

Incomplete urine refers to the feeling of bladder fullness, urgency of urination, and still can not be relieved after urination, accompanied by frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, and white urinary tract. Quantitative indicators: 1000-2000ml urination per day, 4-6 times in the day and 0-2 times in the night. Beyond this range can be confirmed as urine.

What is the reason that middle-aged female does not make water?

1. Increased urine output

When the urine volume increases, the frequency of urination will also increase accordingly.

① Under physiological conditions, a lot of drinking water, eating watermelon, drinking beer, due to the increase in water intake, through the regulation and filtration of the kidney, the urine volume increases, and the frequency of urination also increases, resulting in endless urine. No urination discomfort.

② Under pathological conditions, some patients with diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus have more water, more urine volume and more times of urination. No feeling of urination.

2. Inflammatory stimulation

When there is inflammation in the bladder, the nerve sensory threshold is reduced, the urinary center is excited, and the urine output is reduced (Adult & lt; 300-500 ml / time). Incomplete urine is an important symptom of cystitis, especially acute cystitis and tuberculous cystitis. Prostatitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, chronic penile foreskin inflammation in children, vulvitis, etc. can appear endless urine. Under the stimulation of inflammation, there are often endless urination, urgent urination and painful urination at the same time, which is called urinary tract stimulation sign, commonly known as "three urine syndrome".

3. Decreased bladder volume

Such as bladder space occupying lesions, increased uterine compression during pregnancy, tuberculous bladder contracture or large bladder stones, etc., can cause bladder volume reduction.

4. Non inflammatory stimulation

Such as urinary calculi, foreign bodies, usually with urine as the main performance.

5. Psychoneurotic dysuria

Urine is not only seen in the daytime, or at night before going to bed, often belongs to mental tension or in patients with hysteria. At this time can also be accompanied by urgency, pain.

How does the middle-aged female urine not do?

1. Treating diseases

Treatment of urinary tract obstruction caused by diseases, such as urinary calculi, tumor, prostatic hyperplasia, phimosis, nephroptosis, scar stenosis, congenital malformation of urinary system, etc.

In the treatment of infectious diseases, such as tonsillitis, skin curtain swelling or traumatic infection, cholecystitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis, prostatitis, caries infection, sinusitis, etc., sufficient medication should be taken to prevent the bacteria from entering the urinary system through blood and lymphatic channels, and at the same time, the bacteria that have invaded the urinary tract should be killed.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions

Decoct or soak Qiancao, Pugong, honeysuckle, wild wormwood, Imperata root, etc., and drink them often instead of tea.

Luffa seed 9g, baked and ground, with yellow rice wine, 1 time a day or 2 times a day.

Mung bean coat or mung bean, boiled juice.

60 grams of silver flower, add 120 grams of sugar, fried with the amount frequency drink. Or yinyinteng 120g, fried in water.

15 grams of thistle grass, 15 grams of malangen, fried in water.

Fennel right amount, salt fried after milling, steamed glutinous rice, fennel powder to eat, eat about 50 grams of glutinous rice every day.

Two sheep lungs, wash cut, and a small amount of mutton with stew, add salt, take several times.

Use chicken intestines to wash, chop and stir fry.

Jujube ginger soup: 150 grams of ginger peeled and washed, and then take 100 grams of red dates into the pot. Then, add 500 ml of water, decoct for 10-15 minutes, and take the juice (each dose can be fried three times). Finally, add the right amount of sugar, when tea, one day to take. Half a month for a course of treatment, general 2 courses of symptoms can be significantly improved or disappeared.

3. Living habits

Urine and urine should be washed and excreted as soon as possible.

When you feel like urinating, urinate in time, don't hold your urine. Before going to bed every night, empty your arms.

Strengthening physical exercise and strengthening physique is an important aspect to prevent urinary tract infection. Once infected, in the acute period of fever and abnormal urine test, you should stay in bed. Recovery period should participate in moderate physical activity, to avoid physical weakness, delay does not heal. The way of activity can vary from person to person, but not too tired.