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Why is freezing point depilation still long? Does freezing point depilation grow thicker

Thick armpit hair is a headache for beauty lovers. Looking at other people's various sleeveless shirt or suspender shirt to wear, the heart that is an envious jealousy hate. In fact, today's ice point depilation can completely help you permanently unhairing, no longer for dressing and dressing up and worry about.

Will freezing point take off armpit hair longer and more?

The freezing point doesn't grow longer after shedding armpit hair. Generally speaking, after depilation at freezing point, the skin of the beauty seeker will be very clean. Even if new hair grows, the new hair will become thinner and less obvious. Therefore, if the beauty seeker wants to achieve a complete and permanent hair removal effect, it needs multiple treatments.

Freezing point unhairing uses melanin cells in hair follicles to absorb light of specific wave band, which makes hair follicles generate heat, thus selectively destroying hair follicles, avoiding damage to surrounding tissues and achieving the effect of removing hair. According to the characteristics of hair growth cycle, because hair has to go through three growth stages, freezing point depilation can only remove the hair in the growing period. Therefore, after one treatment, the hair can not be completely eradicated, and multiple treatments are needed.