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Why is not pregnant all the time? What reason is not pregnant all the time

Many couples don't understand why they have been married for so many years, why can't they have children? In view of the fact that they have not been pregnant for many years after marriage, it is likely that both men and women or one of them is suffering from infertility. If you don't get pregnant after many years of marriage, you must treat it as soon as possible, which will be good for our adults and children's health. At present, many patients with infertility do not know how it is to be married for many years without pregnancy, which leads to no timely treatment, and missed the best treatment time, and finally can't bear children.

1. Cause of fallopian tube, cervix and ovary: after a large number of investigations, it is found that tubal infarction is the main cause of many women's infertility. As we all know, fallopian tube is an important 'gateway' for female reproduction, and it is also an important barrier for female fertility. For example, if the fallopian tube is attacked, it will lead to female fertility. And when women's cervix is damaged, the performance of cervical mucus will be affected, and the antibodies in cervical mucus will also affect sperm passing through, forming cervical infertility. There are also some women with premature ovarian failure, the onset of premature ovarian failure infertility or some local genetic disease infertility.

Male cause: oligospermia or asthenospermia and varicocele can cause infertility in women, but the effect of IVF-ET is low. Obstinate polycystic ovary syndrome: women with obstinate polycystic ovary syndrome mainly do not ovulate, and the treatment of wrist should use drug induced ovulation.

3 unknown reasons: couples after various examinations did not find the cause of infertility accounted for about 10% - 17% of the total number of infertility. Unknown etiology may be related to the following factors: luteal dysfunction, poor gamete fertilization, mild endometriosis, immune factors and nerve elements.

For a family that has been married for a long time and has no child, it is better for both husband and wife to go to the hospital to understand and check. Infertility is not only caused by women, but also by men. Therefore, it is suggested that both husband and wife should be treated together. Find out the reason, we should go to a professional hospital for treatment in time, so that we can have a good pregnancy as soon as possible!