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Why always drop hair how should hair do

Hair loss bothers many young people. In life, many young people lose their hair due to life pressure, work pressure and irregular life rules. How to prevent the hair from falling? I'll share it with you.

Keep a normal life, don't often stay up late, sleep on time, don't make the brain too tired.

Don't face the computer for a long time. The damage caused by computer radiation will affect hair growth and even hair loss.

Learn to relax, not long-term mental tension, leisure after work to practice yoga, listen to music, work and leisure work.

Wash your hair regularly and keep your hair and scalp clean. Wash your hair every 2-5 days. For greasy hair, wash it once every two days. Pay attention to the mild water. Put some salt in it. Don't overheat or supercooling. Shampoo should be chosen.

Don't often dye and perm your hair. Often dyeing and perming will damage the hair tissue. When using the hair dryer to blow the hair, the temperature should not be too high. Too high temperature will also damage the hair.

Less smoking and less drinking, often smoking and drinking will make the scalp capillary contraction, thus affecting the normal growth of hair, leading to hair loss.

Pay attention to light diet, eat rich protein and vitamin food, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, banana, spinach, etc., these foods can provide the protein and vitamin B2, B6 and other nutrients for hair growth, so as to make the hair grow healthily.