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Why can't 360 Wireless WiFi be connected? Solutions to the old disconnection of 360 Wireless WiFi

Sihai entertainment news: many users have reported that 360 free WiFi is always offline, and it can't be connected when it is used. Sometimes, when watching movies or downloading things, it is very affected. What is the matter with 360 free WiFi always offline? We must often encounter the problem that 360 Wireless WiFi is always offline. So what are the reasons for 360 Wireless WiFi dropping? The following is Xiaobian carefully arranged for you 360 Wireless WiFi always offline reasons, let's have a look.

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The reason why 360 Wireless WiFi is always offline

1. Click on your control panel and enter the network sharing center

2. If you can connect to the wireless router, log in to the wireless router interface (, and then select the wireless route transmit frequency band in the interface, and re select a frequency band. For example, if you default to 8, you can change it to 6 to see whether the problem is solved

3. Log in to the wireless router interface ( and select whether router settings - DHCP server - DHCP service is enabled in the main interface.

4. Update the network card driver, download a network card driver wizard, upgrade your network card.

5. If the above method is tested, it is recommended to try to re install a system. If you don't know how to change the system, you can reply 'reload system' to follow the tutorial.

How to do if 360 Wireless WiFi is always offline

Method 1

1. Open the start menu and select control panel

2. Double click to open network connections

3. Right click the wireless network connection, select properties, open the wireless network connection property settings

4. Click Configure to open the configuration interface of wireless network card

5. Select the 'advanced' page, find 'power management' in the left border and select it; tick off the small check in front of 'use default value' on the right; slide the slider below to 'maximum value'; and finally click 'OK'.

Method 2

1. Re install the driver and close the security guard -- Trojan firewall -- entrance defense -- ARP firewall.

2. Turn off the system firewall, start - control panel - Windows Firewall - turn on or off the windows firewall.

3. Turn on WiFi again.