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Why do you blush when you drink? Can you drink after all

Many drinkers are on the face when they drink. I thought they could use this as an excuse to stop wine on the wine board, saying that they can't drink. But the person who persuades people to drink wine will say, "if you are red, you can drink more, because the alcohol has evaporated!"

The baby's heart that calls a grievance!

So why do people turn red when they drink

Some people drink more and more white face?

A kind of

First of all, let's first understand that the decomposition process of human body after drinking is like this: alcohol is first catalyzed by alcohol dehydrogenase to become acetaldehyde; then, acetaldehyde changes into acetic acid under the action of aldehyde dehydrogenase; then, acetic acid participates in multiple metabolic pathways in the body, and finally obtains carbon dioxide and water, which are discharged from the body.

Drinking and blushing? It's acetaldehyde

Acetaldehyde has the function of dilating capillaries. After drinking alcohol, acetaldehyde makes the capillaries of the face dilate, so there is the phenomenon of blushing, which is called "drinking Blush" in medicine. People who drink alcohol and blush can quickly convert ethanol into acetaldehyde, that is to say, they have high-efficiency alcohol dehydrogenase, so there will be a large amount of acetaldehyde accumulated in the body, causing vasodilation, causing blushing reaction.

Too much acetaldehyde? Lack of an enzyme

People who drink wine and blush only have high-efficiency alcohol dehydrogenase, but they lack another enzyme -- aldehyde dehydrogenase. The rapid accumulation of acetaldehyde in the body can not be metabolized, so it will appear the situation of Guan Gong. In this way, we can only expect P450 (a group of enzymes with low specificity) in the liver to slowly metabolize the alcohol intake.

Therefore, drinking blushing drinkers are not alcohol volatilization, but alcohol metabolism can not fall!

The more you drink, the whiter your face? Both enzymes are deficient

So, people who drink red face because of the lack of an enzyme, drinking red face should be everything? The answer is the opposite. People who drink more and more white face often lack both enzymes. For those who don't have both enzymes, it's the most tragic because they can only slowly decompose by liver. Such people have the least idea of where their bottom line is. They are most likely to get drunk and their liver is most vulnerable to damage.

Since there is a lack of enzyme constitution, naturally there are two kinds of enzyme content in the body of high constitution, such a type of person is the legendary cask. This part of the body of the two enzymes are very high, the body of alcohol can be quickly metabolized into sweat and heat emissions, so they will drink when a lot of heat and sweat, if you meet such a person on the table, or call brother, don't fight alcohol.