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Why can't the hotel stay in the rear room? What room does the rear room refer to

1、 Don't stay in the back room of the hotel

The hotel is rarely full. When allocating rooms to guests, the room near the elevator lobby is usually allocated. The reason is that the guests are concentrated, which makes the room service more efficient and the room cleaning is more convenient after check-out.

Relatively speaking, the occupancy rate of the rooms at the end of the corridor will be low, the popularity will be weak, and the Yang Qi will be insufficient, so it is easy to attract spirits. If it is assigned to the tail room, we suggest that you may as well change rooms. The last room is often too miscellaneous, which is not good for some people. It is suggested that friends should try to avoid it.

And don't live in a room facing stairs or corridors, if you don't want to see anything.

If you enter a room with a big mirror, you'd better not live in it.

Please stay away from the house with a mirror on the front door.

2、 Say hello first

Before opening the door, if there is a doorbell, you should ring the doorbell first. If there is no doorbell, you should knock three times. Before entering, you should stand on your side to show respect for other "residents". When you go in, you should say hello in a loud voice so that they know that someone is staying.

It is forbidden to close the door when you open the room when you check in. When you open the door of the hotel, do not close the door as soon as you enter the room. Remind your friends: knock on the door first and then open the door. Let the door open for about one minute. People stand on the side of the door and then enter the room later.

3、 Taboo of staying in Hotel

After staying in the hotel and entering the room, you should turn on the TV immediately, turn on the water in the wash basin and flush the toilet. All closet doors that can be opened should be opened. I'm here. I'm the master of this place today.

4、 Turn on the light to indicate check in

After checking into the hotel room, it is especially taboo not to turn on the lights, or only turn on a few lights, remind friends to turn on all the lights, can not miss, and the lights are not on. After entering the room, turn on all the lights in the room, and then flush the toilet. Then lift up the quilt and pat the pillow to let the spirit body know that there are residents. But remember not to open all closets and drawers immediately. In addition to avoiding disturbing spirits and making them adapt to living people, they can also leave a space for them to hide

5、 Turning the bed against the wall

If a single person sleeps in a double room, or if two people live in a room with two beds but want to share a bed, they must not choose the one against the wall. They should also upset the pillows, bedding and sheets of the bed next to the wall, or put the pillows in the cabinet, so that the spirit can know that the adjacent bed will also be occupied.

6、 Before going to bed, don't turn off the light in the whole room. At least one light will be on, leaving some less Yang Qi and making yourself feel a little safe. For many friends, it may be a habit to turn off the lights and sleep. However, if you want to have a good sleep in the hotel, it is suggested that you should not turn off all the lights and at least keep a few lights, so that you will be bold and cautious.

In addition, shoes should not be neatly placed on the edge of the bed to prevent the spirit body from wearing easily at night, so the shoes had better be disordered or one front and one back. For example, the shoe upper is placed in a slightly eight character shape, which is more in line with the eight trigrams drawn by Taoism. It has the meaning of harmony between yin and Yang, and can prevent spirits from approaching. It's better to turn on the light to sleep -------- if not used to turn on a small desk lamp, wall lamp or something.