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Why does the hotel put four pillows? The secret of four pillows in the hotel

Why do hotels put 4 pillows? I believe many people don't know how to use the extra 2 pillows. In fact, there is a lot of learning. In the end, why should the hotel put 4 pillows? Make up for you to answer in detail, after reading you will understand!

Do you know why there are four pillows on the bed in the hotel? 99% of the people don't know! It is said that many people can't sleep well at night, in the final analysis, they don't use the right pillow. Pillow too high or too low, not good for the cervical spine, cushion wrong position will be more problem. The hotel has released 4 for the convenience of everyone. What is the convenient method? After reading it, you will suddenly realize it.

Why do hotels put 4 pillows

Do you find that hotel rooms are generally equipped with four pillows as standard. Do you put aside the extra pillows? In fact, there are knowledge in these four pillows.

It's very important to correctly cushion the pillow when sleeping. The ancients said that the pillow should be comfortable. However, modern medicine believes that if the pillow is too high or too low, it is not good for the cervical spine, and the wrong position of the pillow will cause more problems.

You can test yourself: when the pillow is padded to the neck, if the lowest part of the chin is facing upward, it means that the pillow is too low; if the chin is pressed down, that is, the pillow is too high, and the chin should be kept level, which is the comfortable and correct height of the pillow.

Sleep takes up a third of your life, and posture is not unimportant. Some parents think that if they let their children sleep on a hard board bed, their bones will grow well. In fact, this practice is not entirely right! The muscles of the waist, buttocks and shoulders are different. The hard board bed will make the curve of the body not stick to the bed surface, resulting in not completely relaxed, uncomfortable and unhealthy. There are many people who sleep without pillow, and their head will fall back when they sleep. You don't know, this will make the pressure on the cervical spine twice as high as when leaning forward!

Take a look at the explanation below, and you can see why the hotel has to put four pillows.

How to use pillows in guest rooms correctly

Four pillows in the hotel room can play different roles according to sleeping position. So how to use the pillow in the guest room correctly?

When lying on the back, if the shoulder exceeds the pillow, it is easy to make the cervical spine under pressure; if only half of the head is attached to the pillow, the cervical spine will be suspended, which is also an improper sleeping position.

At this time, a pillow can be placed under the head and neck to make a real pillow. The pillow should be padded from the whole head to the neck, not to the shoulder, not to the back half of the head. The other pillow is placed under the two knees, so that the knee joint can be in a state of mild flexion and relaxation.

If you lie on your side, the width of the shoulder will cause the head and neck to hang. If the pillow is low, you can fold two pillows together. It is best to clip a small pillow between the knees, which will make you feel very comfortable.

In addition, doctors suggest that sleeping on the stomach is the best way to avoid, because the cervical spine will bear too much pressure; when you get up, you should remember to stand on your side first and then get out of bed. Don't sit up straight on your back.

Get up slowly when you get up. Remember to first side posture, hand support up, and then get out of bed, do not lie flat directly sit up.

No matter how correct the sleeping posture is, it should not be too long. You should often change your posture. In the long run, it will affect your health.