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Why do ice flowers appear on windows in winter?

Four seas network synthesis: Why are there ice flowers on the glass windows in winter? ~ ~ 1) because glass is a poor conductor, 2) because the greater the temperature difference, the faster the heat conduction speed. In this way, the trace of cold air flow outside the glass is not easy to spread because the glass is a bad conductor, and because of the great difference between the temperature difference inside and outside the house, the track of cold air flow outside the house is cloned from the glass inside the house.

That is to say, under the influence of different air flow shapes of the outside cold air on the glass, the change parameters of the cold air on the glass are drawn in detail by drawing. The drawing shows not only the motion parameters of wind on glass, but also the water molecules in hot air can directly condense into water solid. Why does the same condition iron plate or wall, frost, but will not produce ice.

This is because the conductivity of iron plate is better than that of glass, and before the cold air trajectory is cloned in the room, the iron plate has diffused the cold air flow track, so that the track to be restored in the house has long disappeared, so the iron plate can only frost without flowers. Because the wall is too thick, the branch energy of airflow generated by cold air blowing on the wall can not be restored in the house, so it can only frost without flowers. This is the formation of flowers, not simple frost.