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Why do dogs love sleeping? 10 kinds of food that threaten dog's health

Four seas entertainment news: dogs do not have a more fixed sleep time, 24 hours a day can sleep, there is a chance to sleep. But more concentrated sleep time around noon, two or three o'clock in the morning. Sleep time varies from day to day. Dogs are sleeping a lot. Do you know why dogs love sleeping?

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Why dogs love sleeping

Dogs don't have a fixed sleep time. They can sleep 24 hours a day and sleep when they have the chance. But more concentrated sleep time around noon, two or three o'clock in the morning. Sleep time varies from day to day.

When a dog sleeps, he always likes to hide his mouth under his two lower limbs. This is because the dog's nose has the most sensitive sense of smell and should be well protected. At the same time, it also ensures that the nose is always alert to the situation around in order to respond at any time.

Older dogs and puppies sleep longer, while younger dogs sleep less.

Dogs are generally in a shallow sleep state, a little movement can wake up, but there are also deep sleep. After sleeping, the dog is not easy to wake up, and sometimes it gives out somniloquy, such as barking and groaning, accompanied by twitching of limbs and shaking of head and ear. In shallow sleep, the dog is in a prone position with its head bent between its two forepaws, often with one ear close to the ground. Sleep often lying on the side, the whole body spread out. It looks very hearty.

Dogs are not easily awakened by acquaintances and owners when they sleep, but they are still sensitive to strange sounds.

When a dog wakes up after sleeping, he often appears to be in a bad mood. He is very dissatisfied with the person who wakes it. The dog who has just been woken up has dim eyes, and even the owner can't recognize it. So its dissatisfaction will sometimes vent to the master, such as barking at you.

If the dog doesn't get enough sleep, his ability to work is significantly reduced and there are many mistakes. In the same way, lack of sleep can also make the dog's mood worse. Lack of sleep dog a performance for a chance to lie on the ground, and do not want to stand up, often yawn, two eyes, scattered energy, with the following dog habits.

Dog's sleep is divided into shallow sleep and deep sleep

The dog's sleep is divided into shallow sleep and deep sleep. It is easy to wake up at any time when sleeping lightly, which is also a primitive instinct to keep alert. The above-mentioned situation that the elephant can fall asleep at any time is basically shallow sleep.

When the dog is sleeping, the dog's body will be very relaxed, his hands and feet will twitch slightly, and sometimes he will sleep on all fours with a slight groan, which looks like a man in a dream. The host may think that what's wrong with it when he sees such a situation. In fact, it's sleeping sweetly, so it's better not to disturb it.

Dogs, like people, may lose their temper when they wake up in their sleep. If they are frightened, they will defend themselves and try to bite people. Sometimes a sleeping dog suddenly wakes up because it has not calmed down. It is hard for them to turn over, but their legs are weak and unable to stand up. This is the same reason that people with three heights are easily stroke when they are awakened in their sleep.

10 kinds of food threatening dog's health


The number one killer - chocolate contains caffeine and an ingredient called theobromine. These ingredients cause great damage to the heart and central nervous system of dogs. If dogs eat too much of these substances, they will easily be poisoned and die. Be careful! Be careful!

Onion and garlic

Second - onion and garlic contain sulfur, which can destroy the red blood cells of dogs and cause anemia.

Chicken bone

Third -- chicken bone is small and sharp, easy to burst into a sharp thorn. Stab the dog's mouth and intestines. Don't think dogs like to eat any bones~

Beef and pig bones

Fourth, both cattle and pig bones can cause damage to dogs. Small cattle bones or pig bones can easily wear the dog's intestines. If the bones stick together, they may hinder the operation of the intestinal system.

Moldy food

Fifthly - these foods have begun to moldy, which can cause muscle twitch and atrophy after eating, and then die. Parents, please do not take the initiative to feed the dog to eat, but also to prevent the dog from the garbage bag to eat.

[raw or undercooked food]

Sixth, raw or undercooked food contains a large number of bacteria and Salmonella, which can lead to food poisoning. Dogs and people are the same, eating meat must be thoroughly cooked before eating.

[greasy food]

Seventh - greasy food contains high fat content, will make the dog fat and cause life-threatening pancreatic inflammation. And make the dog used to the heavy taste of food, will lead to the dog's taste become more heavy, forming a bad habit of mouth.

[sweet and spicy food]

Eighth - eating sweet food for a long time can lead to diabetes and obesity. And spicy food, because too stimulating relationship will make the dog taste paralysis can not eat.

Shrimp and crab

No. 9 - especially shrimps and crabs, which are easy to cause diarrhea and insects.


Tenth - some people will use salt to stimulate the sick dog to vomit, but in fact, less than 1 / 2 teaspoon of salt is enough to kill the dog, but the dog can not lack salt in life, so it is still good to let the dog eat salt appropriately and in a small amount.