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Why is Britain called the "empire of the sun never setting"

In the mid-15th century, Britain entered the primitive accumulation stage of capitalism. At that time, the British monarch was the famous Queen Elizabeth in history. Under her leadership, Britain established its position as a sea overlord. In the middle of the 17th century, the bourgeois revolution broke out in England. In the late 18th century, industrial revolution took place again, and Britain became the first capital righteousness country. In the 19th century, Britain entered the "golden age" and became the most advanced industrialized country in the world.

The development of industry needs a broad market and raw material sources. Therefore, it has stepped up its invasion to all parts of the world and plundered the wealth of other countries. By 1914, the colony occupied by Britain was more than 140 times larger than that of its native land, making it the largest colonial power in the world. Its overseas colonies were all over Europe, Asia, the United States, Africa and Australia, so it was known as the "empire of the sun never sets.".