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Female province eat areca good? How to eat? What are the taboos of eating betel nut for girls?

Four seas entertainment news: betel nut is a good fruit for residents of southeast coastal provinces of China to welcome guests and entertain relatives and friends. Some people say that girls can't eat betel nut. Why can't girls eat betel nut? The following is the reason why girls can't eat betel nut. It's better not to eat! Eating too much will be addictive! Because it contains a lot of caffeine and nicotine, eating betel nut is equal to smoking, which is not good for health, especially for girls.

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Can girls eat betel nuts

It's better not to eat! Eating too much will be addictive! Because it contains a lot of caffeine and nicotine, eating betel nut is equal to smoking, which is not good for health, especially for girls.

Excessive arecoline can cause salivation, vomiting, diuresis, lethargy and convulsion. It is suggested that you can eat some betel nuts properly, but not more. The disadvantages are obvious

Why girls can't eat betel nut

1. Teeth fall off

Girls long-term eating betel nut may also lead to tooth loss.

Specific analysis:

Due to the accumulation of calcareous and betel nut residues, the calculus of teeth will become thicker and thicker, and the gums will be damaged, swollen, suppurated, and the root will be exposed, resulting in periodontal lesions, and eventually the teeth will fall off or have to be extracted. For girls, tooth loss is a very damaging image.

2. Damage to periodontal tissue

Betel nut can damage periodontal tissue.

Specific analysis:

Because the areca fiber is quite thick and hard, it can stab the gum or block the gap between teeth, causing the compression and inflammation of the papilla between teeth. It also causes damage to the periodontal ligament by chewing hard, causing inflammation, swelling and pain around the root.

3. Cause oral disease

Chewing areca nut can cause oral submucosal fibrosis and leukoplakia, which is the early stage of oral cancer. Its clinical symptoms are difficult to open mouth, pain, numbness, oral mucosa whitening and ulcer.


Girls do not eat betel nut, if occasionally eat, it is recommended to brush their teeth immediately to remove the residue of betel nut in the teeth.

4. Affect the beauty

Betel nut juice dirt pollutes the black lip, teeth and cheek, affects the view, damages taste nerve and saliva secretion, hinders digestive function. Areca residue stimulates gastric wall, causing inflammation and even perforation of gastric mucosa, affecting nutrient absorption and causing malnutrition.


In a word, girls eat betel nut harm is very big, it is suggested that we do not eat too much, appropriate amount of food can be eaten, appropriate amount of food, has certain benefits for health.

How do girls eat betel nuts

The medicinal value and efficacy of areca nut are very good, appropriate consumption, has a certain effect on the body.

How to eat betel nut:

1. The mature fruits were dried in the oven for 1-2 days, then dried slowly with dry firewood in the oven. After 7-10 days, the fruits were taken out to be cold, and then dried in the sun for 1-2 days. Generally, 100 kg fresh fruit can be processed into 17-19 kg of Lang jade.

2. Cut betel nut into petals, wrap it with mango leaves, add lime paste and cut tobacco, and chew it in the mouth. The person who eats it looks like he drinks wine, looks red and glows with energy.

3. The most commonly eaten areca nut should be the packaged snack on the market. It's fast and convenient. You can eat it when you open it. But pay attention to Oh, when you buy packaged betel nuts, you should first look at the production date on the package, oh, do not eat those near the shelf life, because the expired betel nuts have lost the taste and taste like chewing gum. Before eating betel nut, dig out the black bittern in the betel nut, so that there will be no smell and the taste will be better.

Taboos of betel nut for girls

Betel nut, as the name implies, is the fruit of betel nut tree, which has certain medicinal value and efficacy. Proper consumption is beneficial to human health. In addition, it is also known as "longevity fruit" by local people. Therefore, betel nut is often used as a good fruit to welcome guests.

Girls should not eat betel nut

1. As a result of long-term consumption of betel nut, not only will cause cancer, but also will be addicted, therefore, girls should not eat too much betel nut. In particular, pregnant women, lactation and other maternal is not edible.

2. Frequent consumption of areca nut is very harmful to the teeth. It will wear the teeth, make the teeth black, and even make the teeth fall off, which is very bad for girls and damage the image.

3. Areca nut contains a large number of arecolin and alkaloids, which have cytotoxicity. The reaction of oral mucosa and alkaloids in areca nut can lead to oral mucosal fibrosis and carcinogenesis.

4. Appropriate amount of edible areca nut has antiviral and antifungal effects, can enhance the body's immunity and resistance, play a role in strengthening the body.

5. Areca nut can be used to treat irregular diet, qi stagnation, phlegm and other diseases. It has a certain medicinal value. It is beneficial and harmless for human health to eat properly.