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Why do people dream? Why do people dream in spring

Deep in your brain, there's a hippocampus shaped area called 'hippocampus'. In general, we think that the hippocampus is responsible for integrating short-term memory into long-term memory. At the same time, the hippocampus also plays a very important role in spatial navigation (the ability to use markers to find the path from a to b). So far, our best guess is that the hippocampus can form a small internal map of the environment as we move.

Spring dream is a common phenomenon. People of different ages have different experience of spring dream. Because of the lack of sexual experience and the lack of understanding of the opposite sex, people with puberty consciousness often have vague dreams. Adults who have sex experience, because they have a wonderful sexual experience, have more understanding of the opposite sex, so their dreams are more clear, can be specific people, and even can clearly see each other's face.

So we have to ask, 'why do people have spring dreams?' "what's the relationship between spring dreams and our bodies

"Dream analysis" points out that "dream is the release of human unfulfilled desire", that is to say, the desire that can not be completed or can not be created in reality can be cathartic through the form of dream.

The ancients said that "eating and lust is also" and psychological treatment of sex and eating is the same. This is the natural demand of human beings. When normal people have no sex life, the sexual energy in their bodies will be accumulated. When they are busy working in the daytime, they have not been paid attention to by the subconscious. At night, when the body is completely relaxed, this energy will be released. Its release is also an automatic regulation of our body, so that the function of our body can be restored to relative stability Status. If this energy only accumulates and does not release, it will cause harm to our body.

So spring dream has played a great role in our body!

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