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Why do some people eat fat? What weight loss methods will not rebound?

Four seas entertainment news: eat fat although easy, lose weight is not easy, and eat and cherish. Why do some people become fat when they eat? Many studies have shown that obesity has a genetic tendency. The survey found that obesity has a certain family aggregation. Both parents are obese, and 70% - 80% of the children are obese. One of the parents (especially the mother is obese), 40% of the children are fat.

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The reason why you are fat after eating

1. Genetic factors

Many studies have shown that obesity has a genetic tendency. The survey found that obesity has a certain family aggregation. Both parents are obese, and 70% - 80% of the children are obese. One of the parents (especially the mother is obese), 40% of the children are fat.

Genetic variation is a very slow process. Studies have shown that genetic factors are not the most important factor in the formation of obesity, accounting for 20% - 40% (that is to say, most people's obesity is not caused by heredity, but by external factors. )It is the most important to the distribution of fat, for example, some people are prone to heap meat on their chin, some people are prone to pile up meat on their thighs, and so on.

2. Adipose tissue factor

Obesity can be divided into adipocyte enlargement type and adipocyte proliferation type. The enlarged type is like a sponge growing bigger and bigger, while the proliferative type is like a sponge. Generally speaking, the human body will not have adipocyte division after development. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to the control of obesity when we are young, we may still be obese after growing up, because there are more fat cells than ordinary people, People who are more likely to gain weight and have fewer fat cells are more likely to lose weight.

3. Metabolic factors

The energy consumed by human body mainly comes from the catabolism of sugar and fat, while obese people rely more on glucose oxidation than fat. The decrease of lipid oxidation ability in obese people is closely related to excessive fat storage. Therefore, the fatter it is, the less likely it is to lose weight, or the more likely it is to rebound. Obesity itself will have a great impact on metabolism.

4. Social environment and behavior factors

If you live in a superior place, labor tools automation, fast food diet single high calorie, eating too fast, it is easy to lead to slow metabolism of the body, excess energy, a long time will appear lipid metabolism disorders and endocrine disorders. After the end of development, the basal metabolism of men and women is reduced by 2% and 3% respectively every 10 years. If people eat the same amount, the older people are more likely to get fat.

Foods prone to obesity

01 puff

Puff is a snack that many girls like. It tastes sweet and delicious, and full of cream, which makes people have a strong sense of happiness. In fact, puffs have high calories. This kind of baked cream food is not conducive to weight loss and health, and the average per 100 grams of puffs has 286.44 calories, and the fat content is amazing.

2 chocolate

Chocolate has more calories than puffs. On average, there are 586 calories per 100 grams of chocolate, and the fat content is as high as 40.10 grams. Moreover, chocolate is a small snack that many girls like to store for a long time in their bags. Therefore, this is the reason why they can't lose weight.

3 steak

Steak itself is not high in calories, and many people are using beef to lose weight, but the production method of steak is a major reason for determining the heat level of steak.

Average per 100 grams of steak, the heat content is 170 kcal, especially fried steak, the heat is higher, and the steak will absorb part of the fat after frying, resulting in the increase of heat, so we should pay attention to the production method of steak.

Fried chicken chops

There are a lot of fried chicken chops shops on the street, which attract a lot of food. The taste of chicken chops is rich, and it will feel good to eat, but the heat of chicken chops is not low.

On average, there are 224 calories per 100 grams of fried chicken chops. The most important thing about fried chicken chops is that they are fried. The average heat of a piece of chicken chops is between 500 and 600 calories. The heat of fat alone accounts for nearly 300 calories. We have to swim breaststroke for more than half an hour to consume, so for our own body, we should eat less fried chicken chops.

5 chips and chips

Chips and chips are also very high in calories. On average, there are about 1100 calories per piece of chips or chips. We have to play tennis for three hours before we can use them up. Moreover, potato chips and chips are a kind of food with high fat, especially in the process of frying. At the moment when the food is put into the oil pan, the heat will rise.

6 soda cola

The sweetness of these carbonated drinks has always been very high, often drink easy to get fat, and a bottle of carbonated drinks has 190 calories, it is not conducive to weight loss, often drink soda cola and other carbonated drinks, is not good for our health, because these drinks have no nutritional value, but also contain preservatives, which are harmful to our health.

7 peanut butter

Peanut butter tastes very delicious, so it is loved by many people. But peanut butter only needs us to spread a little bit on the bread, it will easily increase 192 calories, equivalent to a large bowl of white rice, so it's better to reduce the frequency of eating peanut butter in the future.

Ways to lose weight

Blowing balloon

You just spend a little money on balloons, and then, blow 10 balloons a day. Cool? I can't imagine this way. I heard it came from Japan. So, if you're too lazy to eat diet, to eat diet, to do some boring exercise every day. It's just right for you. You can also tie the balloon to your leg to play the balloon game.

Drink vinegar

In fact, supermarkets on the market sell fruit vinegar, lemon vinegar, or black vinegar, or rice vinegar. However, it is not recommended to use rice vinegar because it is not very good to drink and some people will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink rice vinegar. Also do not pour too much vinegar, to 1:5 vinegar and water ratio, can also treat constipation, if you are easy to constipation sister. Remember, you can drink some vinegar in moderation!

3 baby food diet

When you talk about what to eat to lose weight, you must want to say, my God! Baby food is ok too! In fact, baby food is salt free and sweet free. You know what it is? It's very uncomfortable. If you want to eat, take a can of baby food to make sure you don't have any appetite.

Diet cake

Basically, three digestive cakes are 100 calories. Two pieces of whole wheat toast and one piece of fruit are recommended in the morning. Have three biscuits and a bottle of milk, or yogurt, for lunch. Dinner should be light, you can eat more protein things, such as tofu. You don't have to worry about getting fat because it happens that your body is repairing your tissue at night, which uses protein.

5 porridge to lose weight

This is great! It won't make you eat too much starch, but porridge can make you feel full! You can match some vegetables and tofu.