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Why can't I find a girlfriend? How can a boy find a girlfriend

Many men are lamenting why they can't find a girlfriend, while others have a lot of women around for him to choose. Sometimes they feel that they are not worse than that person. But men don't know that girls don't choose you. Oh, why are men disliked by girls and they can't find a girlfriend? Now let's list a few of them Why.

Method / step

No stable job: for a man without a stable job, a girl is not the first to consider. After all, it is necessary to form a family to get married with a boyfriend. If there is no fixed job, there is no fixed stable day. Therefore, girls will definitely worry about the future life without security, so they will not choose.

There are bad habits, such as gambling, drinking and smoking. Girls always hate one of these three items, and even hate all three at the same time. Because these three items may cause quarrel at any time and have unpredictable consequences for the feelings of two people, girls just hope that their partners will not gamble, drink or smoke, and if you get involved in them One of them is likely to be the reason for being disliked by girls.

Have bad temper: girls are actually afraid that their future partners will be grumpy, just like the ancient companion monarch such as the tiger. If they are not satisfied, they will scold them wantonly. You can't pay back. Because they can't make any noise, girls always try their best to avoid those bad tempered boys, avoid burying hidden dangers for marriage, and can't afford to stay away from me, let alone contact them.

Playful: when a girl looks for a partner, she won't go to a playful man unless she is just playing. Even if the playful man is conquered by himself now, it is hard to guarantee that he will start to attack again. Therefore, girls dare not take risks. No one wants to become an abandoned wife in the future. Therefore, men must get rid of this bad habit.

Weak type: many boys are more delicate than girls. They walk with small steps, which makes girls feel that they have to be a woman to take care of you. How can girls accept such psychological gap? No matter in terms of body shape or strength, it should be boys who have the advantage. No one wants to marry someone to be a bodyguard, so girls will not Note this category.

Don't care about people: girls all hope to get the care and care of boys, so if men are the kind of hard personality that won't care about people, girls don't like to approach, think you are not careful, not gentle, not good to her, so naturally they will stay away from you, so boys must change this character if they want to find a girlfriend.

Selfishness: selfishness is actually a habit that is hard to correct. So if a man is selfish and thinks about everything for himself, but never for a girl, then the girl will surely run away. For example, when two people go to dinner together, a man pretends to have something on the phone or a text message and asks the woman to pay for it. How can a girl think about him.