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Why can't you cut your nails at night? Do you really know how to cut your nails? synthesis: our nails will also be long, and we need to trim them every time. Some people like to cut their nails very short, short to the flesh, while some people like to cut their nails into sharp ones. Some people say that they can't cut their nails at night. So, do you really cut fingernails?

A lot of girls who love beauty and dry clean like to trim their nails neatly, and carelessly cause over trimming. If you don't know the shape of the nail, it will change the growth direction of the nail for a long time, which will lead to ingrown, spoon shaped nail and pincer nail. So how do you trim your nails?

Can you cut your nails

1. Nails are fragile and can be cut after washing

The appearance of nails makes people look like it is very hard, but in fact, it is vulnerable to water penetration. The most obvious example is that every time you take a bath, you will find that your nails become very soft. Because the speed of water penetration into the nail is several times faster than that of the outer layer of the skin, the nail will swell and shrink due to moisture for a long time, and the nail is easy to fold. After bathing, the nails will become soft. For trimming, use nail clippers to trim the flat and oblique edges from one side slowly. Do not cut the whole nail from the middle at once. In this way, the nails are easy to break under excessive pressure. Then gently grind the nails from both sides to the middle with a file, remove the flesh spines, and finally apply nutrition oil to the nail root.

2. It's best to cut the edge of nail as straight line or parabola

If you want to trim your nails regularly to keep them clean inside and outside, girls should pay attention to the shape of their nails. Pointed nails will weaken the toughness of nails, which is very easy to break off, while nails with square shape will easily stretch into inverted trapezoid after growing for a period of time. Special attention should be paid to trimming or regular shaping with grinding rod. Some studies have also shown that different shapes of nails can make the growth of nails receive the effect of residual stress, which will lead to changes in the shape or curvature of nails over time, and even lead to serious nail lesions. Therefore, it is suggested that nail fans should try to trim the edges of nails into straight lines or parabola.

3. Love beautiful hands, don't forget to protect the nail skin

Nail cuticle is a small layer of thin skin on the nail near the white part of the nail. It can protect the methyl substance at the end of the nail and prevent the invasion of bacteria and foreign bodies. Some people in the manicure, will do basic hand care to remove or push back the small skin on the nail, so that the nail surface becomes more slender and neat. However, this will destroy the protective function of the nail cuticle and make the nail fragile. It is recommended to keep this protective film when nursing.

If the nail cuticle has shrunk or disappeared, there is a way to promote the regrowth of the nail cuticle: soak your fingers in warm water for 10-15 minutes every day, then dry them gently with a hot towel. Do not use too much force. Then apply some hand protection or nail polish to massage the fingers to reduce the cracking or peeling.

There are many superstitions about nail cutting

1. Cutting your nails in the evening will get you grey nails.

2. Will cut off the soul or ghost, especially in the ghost festival can not cut nails at night.

3. You can't see your parents at night.

4. In the evening, mice will become you after eating your nails.

Although these statements are not scientific, they have certain guiding significance for life, especially for the formation of children's living habits. This is the summary of people's life. In ancient times, or a hundred years ago, decades ago, or even at present, in the marginal mountainous areas, there was no special nail clipper used now. To cut nails, clothes scissors or other knives should be used. If it is night, if the light is not enough, the fingers may be injured in the process of cutting nails. Therefore, people use the saying that 'nail clippers at night will get grey nails' or' cut the soul away 'to remind people that it is best to cut nails in the daytime. Cutting your nails in the morning is the best time, because your nervous system is already very sensitive after a busy day. If you cut your nails at night, it is easy to cut nerves.

The above introduces the correct method of cutting nails. You can wash your hands before you want to cut your nails, so that your nails will be softer and easier to cut. It's better to cut them into parabola shape.