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Why does a person fart? How should regular fart stink do?

Four seas entertainment news: everyone can fart, why do some people fart more? What are the reasons for that? Farting is an inevitable physiological phenomenon, too frequent farting, sometimes it is also a warning from the body. The following is the reason why the four seas net makes up carefully for you to fart. Let's have a look.

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The reason for farting

Bacterial imbalance

Bacteria ferment what people eat.

This happens in the colon, but some colonic bacteria get into the small intestine due to overgrowth. So, before the food is digested, it comes into contact with bacteria and produces gases.

Some people with gastroenteritis, intestinal flora composition changes, intestinal bacteria imbalance, will also increase exhaust.

Eating in a hurry

If you eat too fast or chat while eating, you may swallow a lot of air.

Experts explain that air is made up of various gases, and when you swallow a lot of gas, more gas will be produced. When it reaches a certain level, these gases will try to get rid of the body.

Too much dairy

Even dairy tolerant people change with age.

As time goes on, the amount of lactase used to digest dairy products in the human body will decrease, so eating too much of this kind of food will make people feel uncomfortable and exhaust more.

It is sensitive to gluten

If the body has difficulty in breaking down certain foods, it can lead to increased exhaust. For example, patients with malabsorption or other autoimmune diseases are more sensitive to gluten.

Changes in hormone secretion

Climacteric women or hormone secretion imbalance patients, their gastrointestinal motility is not as active as when young, there will be increased exhaust phenomenon. In general, regular exercise and probiotics can help.


When feces can't move in the gut, people will feel that they exhaust more because feces are mainly composed of bacteria. The more bacteria accumulate in the human body system, the more gas they emit after fermentation.

In addition, although some people's exhaust volume is not more than others, but more sensitive, more prone to abdominal distension, flatulence and so on. Long term constipation can also lead to the body's toxins difficult to discharge, thus affecting the whole body's internal environment.

What about farting

Eat less soy food, spicy food, meat, and stimulating food.

If there is constipation in the near future, take some medicine to help excretion.

It's useless to add the above two situations, then call to see a doctor, and it may be a symbol of body disease.

How to fart often

Drink job's tears and red bean porridge, it can discharge the dampness poison of intestinal tract, and make the intestinal tract reach the environment of eliminating fart Phytogen. Job's tears and red bean porridge is a great way to keep healthy. Patients need to eat it for a long time.

Massage the stomach in the morning and evening. The purpose of the massage is to help the body repair itself, help digestion and expel Qi.

Changing eating habits, the vast majority of the causes of disease due to eating the diet and drugs, so we must change the eating habits, avoid disease. If you don't avoid it, you can't cure it.

Do Qigong, qigong abdominal breathing can not only strengthen the vitality, regulate the viscera, help the body's self-healing; it can also effectively solve abdominal distension, discharge sagittal Qi, etc.; it also has an effect on the treatment of concurrent depression.

Adhere to sports, through periodic exercise, exercise viscera, strong physique, improve immunity, relax mood, discharge arrow Qi.

Avoid getting angry and angry. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that emotional failure leads to farting. In today's words, depression leads to more farting. On the contrary, farting brings pressure to people, resulting in loneliness and depression, resulting in a vicious circle.