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Why do fingernails have vertical lines? What is the lack of vertical lines on fingernails

Nails can be said to be a reflection of the potential health problems of the body's' mirror '. What are the signs of vertical lines on the fingernails? If the nail surface is not smooth enough, there will be obvious vertical lines on the fingernails, which means that you have been overworked, lack of sleep and overuse of brain. You should strive for more time to rest and absorb more vitamins and protein.

How to do with vertical lines on fingernails? As mentioned above, vertical lines on fingernails may be the cause of insufficient sleep, poor sleep quality or excessive use of brain. So, how to improve the situation of vertical lines on fingernails from the perspective of improving sleep quality?

How to improve sleep quality?

1. Stick to a regular schedule and don't sleep too late on weekends. If you sleep late on Saturdays and get up late on Sundays, you may lose sleep on Sunday nights.

2. Don't eat and drink before going to bed. Eat a small amount of dinner about two hours before going to bed, and don't drink too much water, because constant use of the toilet at night will affect the quality of sleep; do not eat spicy food rich in fat at night, because these foods will also affect sleep.

3. Stay away from coffee and nicotine before going to bed. You are advised not to drink coffee eight hours before going to bed.

4. Choose exercise time. Afternoon exercise is the best time to help sleep, and regular physical exercise can improve the quality of sleep at night.

5. Keep the room temperature cool. A little lower bedroom temperature helps sleep.

6. Sleep at night. Napping during the day may result in sleep deprivation at night. Sleep time during the day is strictly controlled within 1 hour, and can not sleep after 3 pm.

7. Keep quiet. Turn off the TV and radio, because quiet is very good for improving sleep quality.

8. A comfortable bed. A comfortable bed provides you with a good sleeping space. Also, make sure the bed is spacious enough.

9. Take a bath before going to bed. A hot bath before going to bed will help you relax your muscles and help you sleep better.

10. Don't rely on sleeping pills. Consult your doctor before taking sleeping pills. It is recommended that you take them for no more than 4 weeks.