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How does lip dehiscence desquamate do? Why does lip dry crack peel?

There are four reasons for dry lips: dry weather and lack of moisture People's lips are mucous membrane, no sweat glands and no oil secretion function, so in the dry season, the lips will be easy to dry, and at this time many people are used to licking or biting the lips with their tongue, which will take away the water that is scarce on the lips, and the more they lick, the more dry they will become, resulting in the dry cracks and dehiscence of the lips. Judgment criteria: dry lips caused by lack of water are characterized by the accumulation of dead skin on the lips or corners of the mouth.


The body is short of vitamins. The red area around the lips of the human body is called the "red edge of the lips". Its moistening is maintained by abundant local capillaries and a small amount of hypoplastic sebaceous glands. Due to the poor blood circulation of human skin and mucous membrane in autumn and winter, if you eat less fresh vegetables and the intake of vitamin B2 and vitamin A is insufficient, it will dry and crack. Judgment criteria: if the mouth began to dry crack, there is white secretion in the corner of the mouth, which is a lack of vitamin phenomenon, should pay attention to internal conditioning.


People who are allergic to some cosmetics or sunlight, those who are prone to get angry due to excessive emotional fluctuation, the decrease of osmotic pressure of tissue fluid in human body caused by some diseases (diabetes mellitus), resulting in excessive drainage and water shortage of tissue fluid, and spicy stimulation of tobacco and alcohol are likely to cause dry lips.


Cheilitis if you always feel dry and cracked lips, it may be caused by vitamin B2 deficiency, dyspepsia, or chronic cheilitis. It is best to ask a doctor for help in diagnosis. Oral diseases can also lead to dry lips, so pay attention to oral cleaning. If the lip dry crack, scab long-term does not heal, should promptly to the hospital, symptomatic treatment.


For lip peeling, the main solutions are as follows: carrying high quality lip balm is very necessary, especially Lip Balm containing vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients. It is ideal for moisturizing lips to prevent dry lips from drying.


Do not always lick the lips, harm can not be underestimated, this will take away the lack of water on the lips, and the more lick the more dry, resulting in dry cracks and dehiscence of the lips.


Wearing a mask can keep the temperature and humidity of lips from the cold wind outside, so as to avoid water shortage and dryness.


It is not difficult to massage the lips regularly. As long as you dip some honey on your lips with a cotton pad before going to bed every night, and then gently massage with your fingers to help promote blood circulation. Honey can not only effectively moisten the skin, but also inhibit the growth of bacteria, so as to avoid infection caused by broken skin of lips.