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Why is WiFi automatically disconnected? Check the solutions of WiFi automatic disconnection

Sihai entertainment news: Nowadays, the way of mobile Internet is also the way of WiFi. The mobile link WiFi is so simple. What should I do if the mobile wifi automatically disconnects? Here is the reason why the WiFi carefully arranged for you will automatically disconnect. Let's take a look.

≫ & gt; & gt; click next to see why WiFi is automatically disconnected

Why WiFi will automatically disconnect

① In order to save power, the default setting of the tablet is "sleep when the screen is off". WiFi will sleep and stop working after a period of black screen. Solution: in the WLAN interface, click the arrow icon '& gt;' on the right of any automatically searched wireless network to enter the advanced setting interface, and change the WiFi sleep policy to 'never sleep' (another: turn on the power saving mode and turn off the opened WiFi).

② If the signal is less than two bars, the connection will be unstable. It is recommended to connect closer to the router.

What to do if WiFi automatically disconnects

Method 1

The following occurs when the phone is disconnected from WiFi.

Enter settings.

Select 'advanced' after entering.

Click 'keep WLAN connection in sleep'.

Method 2

If the mobile phone is connected to WiFi, you need to turn on the WiFi switch and turn on the WLAN settings of the mobile phone

Check whether the WiFi signal you want to link is strong or not

If there is no problem here, check the settings of the transmitting WiFi. If the WiFi is shared by myself, you can check it. For example, I use 360 free WiFi to check whether it is enabled

View computer settings, open network sharing center

Check whether the sharing of wireless network is set for the sharing of local connection properties. Check here to confirm the sharing, so as to share the WiFi hotspot.

If there is no problem in the above steps, please restart sharing WiFi, or disable WiFi, and then restart. If it is router type, restart the route. If there is any problem with your mobile phone, take someone else's mobile phone link to see if it's normal. If it's normal, it means that it's only your mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone, you can try to swipe it or reply to the last backup data.