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Why is it said that one child is stupid for three years? There is a scientific basis

Since the birth of the baby, do you think there is a risk of memory loss? I went to the store to buy a dish, and I came back after I bought some daily necessities. I totally forgot my original intention. As the saying goes, one child is stupid for three years, but it has been two years since the birth of the child, but the silly energy has not changed at all. Then, what's going on after three years of being silly? After communicating with experts, Xiaobian summed up these three points.

1. As the saying goes, a fetus three barrels of blood, because the fetus needs a lot of nutrients from the maternal absorption, resulting in maternal ischemia without blood supply, it is easy to make the brain hypoxia.

2. During childbirth, due to a large amount of blood loss, pregnant women will be weak, and there is no energy to eliminate the body lochia after childbirth, resulting in various postpartum sequelae.

3. Breastfeeding is still to provide nutrition for the child, so within a few years, the mother will always be ischemic, which will directly affect the lack of blood supply to the brain, and there will be fat movement, forgetfulness and other symptoms of deficiency of Qi and blood, so, three years of pregnancy is like this.