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Why are doctors afraid of seeing a doctor by acquaintances? Ten taboos for acquaintances to see a do

It is generally believed that without the help of acquaintances, it will be very difficult to see a doctor, especially in large hospitals, which are now divided into very detailed departments. If you find a doctor's friend or acquaintance to help you see a doctor, or give some advice, save money, time and worry. However, doctors can't see all kinds of diseases, and they don't know all the doctors in all departments. They have to go to the hospital frequently to ask for people, and sometimes to ask the classmates and fellow villagers working in other hospitals to coordinate relations.

For our doctors, if people around you come to see you, if they refuse, they will be very tired and tired; if we refuse, they will be labeled as "merciless" and "impersonal", which makes doctors very difficult.

Based on my own experience and that of my colleagues, the author sums up the following 10 situations that are easy to occur in finding acquaintances to see doctors. Let's have a look together. I believe you will encounter them.

1. Verbose

No matter how big or small, as long as sesame is a big disease, call a familiar doctor friend, even at midnight, and call an acquaintance friend's phone as 120. It's especially unpleasant. After a long time, the doctor friends I know will be very upset. After all, the doctor is very busy and tired. He needs a rest.

Reminder: things should be prioritized. If you have a cold, fever or diarrhea, go to the hospital. Doctor friends are busy and tired.

2. Casual

Some patients may want to see a certain expert, so and so on, to ask a doctor friend to recommend an appointment. It was not easy to help him to make an appointment with experts, line up and hang up the number, but suddenly he did not come to see a doctor. The doctor friend lost his integrity, pig Bajie looked in the mirror - inside and outside, very embarrassing.

Reminder: if something really can't come, it can be understood, but it can be said in advance, and it can't be broken.

3. Arrogant

Some patients may not be able to go to the expert clinic or live in the hospital, so please ask doctor friends for help. However, they are very arrogant, rude, do not trust doctors, do not cooperate with doctors. The expert gave an ultimatum to his acquaintances to 'stop referring people to him for medical treatment'. A rat shit makes a pot of fish. The next time someone asks to be hospitalized or to see the expert, the acquaintance is embarrassed to ask again. I used to have a friend's friend who asked me to stay in the hospital, but he didn't cooperate very much. He had a quarrel with the ward doctor because of a small matter. At last, the patient I recommended was not accepted.

Reminder: to have quality, to have quality, to have quality. Say important things three times!

4. Persistent

Some people call their doctor's friends. If they can't get through at one time, they keep calling. It's upsetting. It's possible that doctors and friends are visiting the outpatient department, operating, checking rooms, holding meetings, etc. The constant phone call is actually a harassment.

Reminder: it's OK to send a text message and say it. Generally, when you see it, you will reply in time.

5. Temporary

Some people can't remember to send a blessing message to their so-called "doctor friend" on the Chinese New Year's day. When they need his "doctor friend" to help them when they are ill, they begin to call their brother. It's a little short-sighted. ha-ha.

Reminder: Although the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, you should also contact them if you have nothing to do.

6. Loading and sprouting

Some people are not easy to find an acquaintance to lead them to see a doctor. They don't take the previous disease introduction or any laboratory test sheet. When they see a doctor, they need to check it again, which not only wastes time, but also affects the effect of seeing a doctor.

Reminder: when seeing a doctor, do your homework well in advance, sort out your disease situation, and take all necessary examinations with you, so as to achieve the best effect in a limited time.

7. Emperor type

Some people's acquaintances lead to see a doctor, and their mentality changes subtly. They think that they are someone's' related households', and they ask for special treatment like emperors. He asked the doctor to go around him alone. He wished he could do the examination and test immediately and get the results immediately. He totally ignored the rules and regulations and medical procedures of the hospital. The doctor was very disgusted with the violation of the rules of the game.

Remind: to abide by the hospital rules and regulations, do not add blocking.

8. Unrealistic

Some people are terminally ill and many hospitals dare not accept them. Acquaintances lead to see a doctor. They have great hopes and high requirements. They hope that the treatment effect will be immediate. In fact, it is unrealistic, and it should be combined with the actual situation.

Reminder: doctors will try their best, but combine their own conditions.

9. Idolatry

Some people go to see a doctor and recognize a temple but not a monk. They mistakenly think that doctors in big hospitals can see everything. I'm a pediatric gastroenterologist. Once an acquaintance asked me about my heart. I didn't answer but thought I was playing tricks.

At present, the phenomenon of attaching importance to scientific research and belittling clinical practice is widespread in large hospitals across the country. Some doctors may have a great reputation, probably because they write more articles, and the level of seeing a doctor may not be as good as a general doctor. Some small hospitals have very experienced doctors, and some large hospitals have paste. Therefore, before the acquaintance leads to see a doctor, he had better check on the Internet. Find a real one. Of course, acquaintances lead to see, know the root and know the bottom, it's better to avoid looking for a water product.

Remind: don't blindly worship the doctors in big hospitals, and ask for more information.

10. Selfish

Some people think that they have been introduced by acquaintances, and ask the doctor to show them to him in advance, and ask the acquaintances to take him to 'gasai'. In fact, this is immoral. Other normal registered patients of other people toiled in line. Your acquaintances led you to cut in line by opportunism. Then, ugly words such as' immoral 'Gaser' spread out from the line, which was embarrassing.