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Why is laughter good for health? It can laugh out health!

"Smile, ten years less", this is a popular saying in China, which directly shows that laughter can cure disease and health, and resist old age. Su Dongpo, a great writer in ancient China, once had a poem that "one hundred years requires 36000 laughs". That is to say, one needs to laugh more than 36000 times if one wants to live a hundred years old, that is to say, one laugh every day to persuade people to keep a happy mood. The proverbs and verses above all reflect that the ancients have clearly known that laughter is good for health.

Foreign scientists also pointed out the role of happy mood in health. Russian physiologist Pavlov pointed out: 'happiness can make you feel every beat of life and every impression of life easily, no matter how happy you are physically or mentally, it can make your body develop and your body strong. '

Faraday, a famous British physicist and chemist, had a headache because of his work. Although he had been treated with drugs for a long time, he could not recover. Later, after careful examination, a famous doctor said to him: 'a clown in town is better than a dozen doctors. 'then he left. Faraday understood the secret of "happy to cure disease" from the words of famous doctors, so he often went to see comedies and was so amused that he could not cure his headache.

The scientific basis of this story is that laughter can relieve the tension of neck muscles, so it is particularly effective for head pain. From the medical point of view, laughter is conducive to accelerating blood circulation, promoting the activities of respiratory system and digestive system, boosting spirit, eliminating fatigue and relieving pressure. Dear friends, you may as well tell a joke, listen to the cross talk and smile happily after a day of intense study and work. Let's all 'laugh' for health