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Why is Yang Mi called stinky feet? Why is Yang Mi so hot now?

Entertainment news from all over the world: Yang Mi's name stinky feet is very dramatic, which is also a deep misunderstanding. Even now many fans think that Yang Mi's feet are really stinky, but now many people say that Yang Mi's stinky feet refer to his poor acting skills. The following editor will take you to see why Yang Mi is stinky feet. Things start from a variety show of Hunan Satellite TV, as early as "Palace" Not yet broadcast, Yang Mi did not penetrate the half sky, she and Zhang Han, Zhu Zixiao, Li Fei'Er and so on He Jiong participated in the "awesome Sunday" program.

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Why is Yang Mi so popular now? What TV plays did Yang Mi play

Yang Mi's foot stink is very dramatic and a deep misunderstanding. Even now many fans think that Yang Mi's foot stink. But now many people say that Yang Mi's foot stink means that his acting skills are not good. Let's take a look at why Yang Mi is stinky

It is from the awesome variety show of Hunan satellite TV. As long as the palace has not yet been broadcast and Yang Mi has not been able to get through the half sky, she joined Zhang Han, Zhu Zixiao and Li Fei'Er to participate in the Sunday program of He Jiong, which was hosted by He Jiong. There is an experimental part in the program, which can make the audience laugh and teach us some simple tips while doing the experiment.

Yang Mi, whose career is booming in the entertainment industry, chose to get married and have children at this time. Some people thought she was a smart woman and knew what to do at what age. It's because of Yang Mi's straightforward personality that more people like her. But the more people you like, the more you hate her. There are all kinds of rumors that Yang Mi is smelly feet on the Internet. Why call Yang Mi smelly feet?

The experiment of that day was to ask the guests to try how to stop itching quickly. The host first smeared the cream on the soles of the guests' shoes and socks, and then brought a black goat to lick the feet covered with cream. Li fei'er, who was very ticklish at first, ran fast and ran around. Yang Mi was licked by a goat while lying in bed with a huge itch.

When he Jiong explained to you on the stage, what the guests had just done was an ancient punishment. And that sheep will have a special reaction to the salty or sweet taste. It's very good to these two tastes. As soon as the sound falls off, the little black sheep will automatically run to Yang Mi's feet and lick it up. As a result, the sheep will stay at Yang Mi's feet for a long time and will not go.

It is because of this that Yang Mi's feet are passed on