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Yang Mi edition of episode 55-56 of Sansheng III

Entertainment news: directed by Lin Yufen, starring Yang Mi and Zhao Youting, Zhang Zhiyao "Three lives, three lives and ten li peach blossom", an ancient costume fantasy TV series starring Dili Reba, Lian Yiming, Gao Weiguang and Zhang Binbin, was premiered on Zhejiang TV and Oriental TV on January 30, 2017. Based on the novel of the same name of Tang qigongzi, the play tells the story of three lives of love and hate and three lives of entanglement of Qingqiu emperor Ji Bai shallow and jiuchongtianziyehua.

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Story introduction of the 55th episode of the peach blossom


After returning to Jiuchong, night Hua learned that Bai shallow had gouged out Su Jin's eyes.

Li Jing's practice in the great Purple Palace summoned Qingcang's God to the wing world. He denounced Qingcang's disaster to the people of the wing world, intending to die with his father. Unexpectedly, the empty handed prime God Qingcang summoned Fang Tianhua halberd, and was killed by Qingcang when he left the mirror.

If the water and the river are surging and the sky turns red, Bai Fengjiu unexpectedly finds that the prime God of Qingcang is not here after checking the East emperor's clock. The emperor of Donghua is shocked.

After his death from the mirror, Qingcang's skill increased. After returning to Donghuang's bell, Yuanshen broke the bell and came out. After a fierce battle with Yehua, he stabbed Xuanyuan sword into Qingcang's chest. Unexpectedly, when Qingcang died, Donghuang's bell suddenly started the mode of destroying the sky and the earth, and the red lotus industry burst out. It turns out that Qingcang associated his name with the Dong Huang bell, which was shut down in the night of danger by the sacrifice of his original God to Dong Huang bell.

When night Hua died, Moyuan prepared crystal coffin for him and sent it to Wuhu sea.

Episode 56 notice - white light punishment Su Jin takes back both eyes

Bai Qian recovers his memory and goes directly to jiuchongtian to find Su Jin. Su Jin knows that Bai Qian is Su Su in the past. He is shocked. Bai Qian sneers at Su Jin's way, which he kneels down to beg for mercy. The God's eyes have been used well for three hundred years. Su Jin's face panics. Bai Qian looks at Su Jin's face with a folding fan. He looks at those eyes. Now it's time to return to the owner You gouge it out yourself or the God himself. Su Jin is scared to step back. Bai Qian takes back his eyes and leaves without looking at Su Jin. Su Jin is blind and resentful. He kneels down and cries that he will never let go of Bai Qian.