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Episode 13-14 on the top of iqiyi cloud top free watching Kolo show her love to Jane in public

Four seas entertainment news: with Li Huizhu as the general director and Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan, Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Mengjie and other stars, the above cloud top is an urban emotional drama jointly produced by Huang Yujia film and Television Group Co., Ltd. and Dongyang Xingrui film and television culture media Co., Ltd. The play is about Tang Fei and Jane Xi performing a dream chasing journey in the entertainment circle. The play premiered at iqiyi on February 23, 2017.

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Introduction to Episode 13 on the cloud top

Chloe confessed to Jane in public that he was fired by the company

Jane doesn't want Chloe to take care of her own business. She picks up the goods and leaves. As a result, the brawling children knocked off the things in their hands on the road, and the following Chloe helped her pick up the things. At this time, Jane suddenly received a call from a deputy director surnamed Yang, saying that she had a role to play. Jane Xi forgets her troubles instantly. She rushes to Yang Dao's address.

It turns out that Zuo Zuo is using yang to trick her here. Zuo Zuo is singing with a group of friends. Seeing that Jane has been cheated, Zuo Zuo laughs at her for not giving up in daydreaming, and a group of friends of Zuo Zuo also roar with laughter. In such humiliation, Jane is still not humble or arrogant, saying that she just insists on her dream. After Jane finished speaking, she walked out proudly. Her friend on the left deliberately tripped over her, and then she fell the fruit in the fruit tray on her body.

When Jane was in a mess, Chloe pushed the door in. He picked up Jane and told the public that she was his girlfriend. Left left left is angry and despondent. In turn, Chloe humiliates left and pulls Jane away. Jane thinks she's involved with Chloe, saying he can't protect herself all the time. But Chloe looked at her affectionately and said he would take care of her for life.

The next day, Kolo took Jane on a roller coaster. Through this experience, Kolo inspired her to tell Jane not to stick to her acting career any more, to change her way of thinking to change her way of living, or to suddenly open up. Jane suddenly ran away.

Jane went to Lu Zhou. She said that when she was sitting on the roller coaster and felt dying, she still thought about the scene of acting and training, so she figured out whether she wanted to give up acting. She asked Lu Zhou to show her way. Lu Zhou finally rekindled his fighting spirit when he saw Jane. He pointed out the way for her.

The next day, Lu Zhou took Jane to the hotel where the shutdown banquet was held. Lu Zhou finds the lobby manager, who is the waiter of the day. Lu Zhou forced him to tell the truth of the day. Lu Zhou tells Jane to see her own next.

Ji Qing, Xiaoxiao and Zuo Zuo Zuo are suddenly informed to go to qivincent's office. When all the people gathered, the waiter Jane Xi found told them all about what happened that day, and identified them in public with a smile. Ji Qing looks at and smiles in surprise. Xiaoxiao is finally forced to identify the idea of left left left on the spot. Left left strongly denies that the two pull the dog and bite it.

Zuo Gang suddenly pushes the door in. After figuring out what he has done, Zuo gang gets angry. He apologizes to Jane apologetically, but she refuses to accept it. She asks Ji Qing to bear the fault of smiling or leave the company. After weighing the pros and cons, for the overall situation, he acquiesced in firing the left and left lost car marshal. When Zuo gang saw qivincent's silence, he immediately understood. He offered to let Zuo Zuo leave the company.

After the dust settled, Jane also proposed to leave the company. Who knows that Lu Zhou suddenly stood up and said that Jane could not leave the company. He asked if Jane could attend the premiere of Dong Xian. Chivinson said he would let Jane in and help her restore her reputation. Jane doesn't understand Lu Zhou's idea.

Lu Zhou pulls Jane away. He tells her that she left the palace entertainment company without permission only because of her ambition. She can only succeed if she depends on the palace entertainment company. What's more, what happened only shows that Jane has no discerning and defensive power, and many things will happen in the future. If she continues like this, she is not suitable for this circle at all. Jane finally understood Lu Zhou's good intentions.

She was dismissed as a proud princess. She couldn't stand the blow and wandered alone in the street. Shepherd's song came out to find her. Zuo Zuo vented his full rage to the shepherd's song. The harsh words of left and left hurt the pastoral deeply, and the pastoral finally couldn't help telling her that she was willing to let her shame because she loved her. Left left mocks his humble love, and pastoral leaves angrily.

Left and left squatted on the street and cried. She said to herself that she tried her best to show her father that she was working hard. She wanted to be a famous and successful actress like her late mother, but everyone could not see her efforts and secretly laughed at her bullying. At this time, the pastoral came back to sit quietly beside her and listen to her.

Introduction to Episode 14 on the cloud top

Left left thick face to participate in the premiere show eyebrows offer strategies to help left left

Ji Qing is making up in the dressing room to prepare for the premiere of Dong Xian. Qi Vincent comes in with a girl. He informs Ji Qing that this is the new assistant she is looking for. Xiaoxiao is fired. Smile and surprise, but the tone of qivincent can not be opposed. At this time, Ji Qing stood up and insisted on leaving a smile.

Waiting for the make-up girl to wait in the restroom, Chloe saw her sweating and suffering and wanted to send her to the hospital. She disagreed, and Chloe forced her up. Tang Fei suddenly stopped Jane. He said that Jane should insist on finishing the premiere anyway, which is too important for her. At last, at the insistence of Jane Xi, they rushed to the premiere.

Ji Qing takes Tang Fei's couple on the red carpet of the premiere ceremony. Onlookers screamed and reporters' spotlights focused on them. At this time, left and left suddenly burst into the red carpet in a very transparent dress. She pulled Tang Fei and said she and Tang Fei had passion in the play in front of the reporters. Don feimer quietly let the left and left talk nonsense to attract people's attention. Ji Qing stood awkwardly aside.

Next to Yuele is puzzled why Zuo Zuo didn't get the invitation. He worries about Ji Qing. Smile but smile and tell him that he has a way to deal with it. At this time, I saw a crazy fan rush to Jiqing, crying and shouting to express his love to Jiqing. For a moment, all the reporters' eyes were attracted by Jiqing again. Left left, who was left in the cold, was very angry.

At this time, Jane appeared with a brilliant arm around Kolo. Tang Fei and Ji Qing were surprised to see that Jane was not sick at all. Just as Jane passed by the left, she suddenly stepped on her skirt. When Jane fell to the ground, Chloe quickly took off her coat to protect her from the light. Reporters took photos one after another, they were curious about the relationship between Jane and Chloe.

After the premiere, Chloe took Jane to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed her as acute gastroenteritis, and Jane was left to treat her. Tang Fei worries about Jane. In the middle of the night, he stealthily buys stomach medicine and flowers to visit her in the ward. Jane is asleep. Tang Fei looks at Jane painfully. The next day, when Jane woke up, she saw flowers and nameless cards. The name on the cards was Mr. T. she couldn't figure out who Mr. t was.

Zuo Zuo was scolded by Zuo gang for having the cheek to attend the premiere. Left left angry hide in the room sulk. She volunteered to go into the left left room to persuade her. She was still angry with her. She scolded her bitterly, but she was still angry. Eyebrow exhibition helped her analyze her current situation and put forward ways to help her quickly become popular. In a moment, left and left seemed to catch life-saving straw, and she began to rely on eyebrow exhibition completely. At this time, she was told that she had just taken over a new play and could help her find a role.

The next day, she invited the director of the TV play to her home. She recommended Zuo Zuo as a freelance artist to participate in the performance of the TV play. The director agreed. Left and left are ecstatic. Left just came home to see left left left holding eyebrows show mother and daughter's deep love look very puzzled.

Lu Zhou helps Jane to get a new play, which is a partnership with Tang Fei and Ji Qing. Jane Xi doesn't understand why she always plays with them. Lu Zhou said that because they are both topic actors, they are conducive to the hype of TV series. Jane unwillingly took over the new play.

Tang Fei attaches great importance to his hard work. At home, he offers to audition with Jane. But Jane couldn't find the feeling of love between the two in the Bureau. She couldn't stop laughing. Tang Fei was angry with Tieqing. The next day, when the new play started shooting, Jane did not play well on the scene, dozens of NG, and was severely criticized by director Cui.