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Hot show, starry sky, sea episode 21-22 notice to anzuo Zhou Buwen

Four seas entertainment news: produced by Zhejiang Dream Star Park film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., directed by Wei Hantao, the modern idol fantasy TV series that starred Feng Shaofeng, Guo biting, Huang Ming, Wang Mengli, Sui Yongliang, Wang Yangming, Guo Xiaoting, Wang Yanlin, etc. The play tells the love story of Shen Luo, an ordinary girl far away from the noise, and Wu Gulan, a chimaera man on the island. The play is scheduled to land in the youth time theater of Hunan Satellite TV on February 6, 2017.

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The starry sky, the sea Episode 20


Wu Julan lies on the sofa feebly. Shen Luo asks him that violet said he would come at three in the afternoon, but it's still four o'clock. Wu Julan says he has an ominous premonition. At this time, Wu Liangliang and violet are kidnapped by Zhou Buwen. Wu Liangliang knows that ANZO's paw is Zhou Buwen & hellip;

Episode 21 Trailer - anzuo and Zhou Buwen are dizzy

Wu Gulan has booked a ticket for Shen Luo to return to China. At one o'clock in the afternoon, the secretary comes to pick up Shen Luo. Shen Luo leaves crying,

In order to get the spirit beads of the chimaera, anzao has lost too much. He doesn't want to give up. Zhou Buwen also knows that he has been exposed. He decides to fight with anzao to get the spirit beads of Shen Luo. They wear masks to confuse Shen Luo and try to steal the spirit beads.

Episode 22 Trailer - Zhou Buwen knows the whereabouts of the Pearl

Zhou didn't hear the truth about Shen Luo's recovery from death from the nurse. He came to apologize to Shen Luo. He didn't expect that in order to get Lingzhu, he almost killed his favorite girl. Shen Luo was so frustrated that he decided to break up with him.