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Tencent hit show 2017 happy episode 13-14 Zhou Yaohua captured by Japanese

Four seas entertainment news: the Republic spy war drama jointly produced by Tianjin bright Kunpeng culture media, Beijing Century Kunpeng international media, and Beijing Pengcheng Yinghua film and television communication, directed and starred by Chen Peng, led by Yan Zidong and Jiang Zile, and starred by Lu Zhuo, Liu Yichen, Zhou Yi, Zhang Yichang, etc., is on the air. The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name of Nanzhi, which tells us It tells the story of national righteousness and young people's feelings. The play premiered exclusively on Tencent video on February 14, 2017.

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Episode 13 of happy life

Mu Caiyi dies of poisoning Zhou Yaohua is captured by the Japanese

Zhou Zongfu, Zhou Yaomin's father, heard about his daughter's accident. He went to Chongqing to find Zhao Dingsheng, the Minister of national defense, and hoped that Zhao would let his daughter go. However, from Zhao's words, he knew that Zhou Yaomin's arrest was actually aimed at him. He knew that he had a heavy army in his hand and was afraid that he would share with others.

Mu Caiyi didn't finish the task assigned by Japanese special agent Watanabe Chun and couldn't get the antidote. She dressed herself carefully and lay in bed waiting for the death of poison. Liu Yusheng leaves the Zhou family. Zhou Yaohua is worried about the chaos and insecurity outside. She wants to go out to find him early in the morning. Zhang Ma runs downstairs in panic and tells Zhou Yaohua that Miss Mu is dead. Zhou Yaohua is very surprised. A group of people in uniform and guns burst in outside the door, claiming that he is suspected of murder and took him away. The housekeeper and Zhang ma call the master Zhou Zonghai in a hurry.

Zhou Zongfu heard that his son had also been arrested. He came to Chengdu juntong station to find the stationmaster to ask for someone. But the stationmaster said that the person was not arrested by juntong, nor by the police. The person arrested might be Japanese. Zhou Yaohua was indeed captured by Japanese special agent Junichiro Watanabe. He took Zhou Yaohua to the interrogation room and demanded that he hand over three ships of rice with the threat that Zhou Yaohua killed Mu Caiyi. Zhou Yaohua bought three ships of rice from the United States and shipped them to Chengdu. He collected money from the Japanese, but he didn't give them the rice. The Japanese became angry and killed Mu Caiyi. Zhou Yaohua said that the rice was detained by the Ministry of national defense. He was also trying to find a way.

Minister Zhao was also thinking about the three ships of rice. He knew the news and promised that as long as Zhou Zonghai handed over the three ships of rice, he would release Zhou Yaomin and let him lead his troops to fight the Japanese to save Zhou Yaohua. Zhou Zongfu didn't know where the rice was. He was sad that he had fought for the party and the country all his life and was not worth three ships of rice.

Yan runs around with Zhou Zongfu and doesn't save the young lady and the young master. He has no choice but to find Liu yushao. Zhou Yaohua is very kind to him. He must find a way to save the young master. He knew that Liu yushao was a Communist Party and wanted to see his superiors. In order to show his sincerity, he punched his palm with a gun. Liu yushao had to promise to take him to see a Kuan.

Happy Life Episode 14 story introduction

The Communist Party set up a plan: Liu Yusheng goes to jail to save Zhou Yaohua

Liu yushao takes Yan to see ah Kuan. Old Wei and Liu Yusheng are also there. Liu Yusheng didn't worry about Zhou Yaohua. He didn't leave Chengdu with ah Kuan. He knows the news that Zhou Yaohua was captured and is trying to help Zhou Yaohua with them. Ah Yan takes old Wei, A Kuan, Liu Yusheng and ah Kuan to see Zhou Zongfu. Zhou Zongfu is at a loss to save his son and daughter. Hearing that ah Yan says they are helping to save the young master, he is overjoyed, but hearing that they are the Communist Party, he is very alert. Old Wei asked him to put aside the contradictions between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party first, and consider saving people first. Zhou Zongfu thought it was reasonable. He took back his pistol and sat down to discuss the rescue plan with old Wei and others.

According to the plan, Zhou Zongfu went to see Watanabe Chun alone. Watanabe Chun admired Zhou Zongfu's courage. Zhou Zongfu revealed a big secret to Watanabe Chun. Liu Yusheng's son was bewitched by Liu Yusheng. Liu Yusheng was because three boats of rice approached Zhou Yaohua, lurked beside Zhou Yaohua and took away the rice. Zhou Zongfu said frankly that no matter what the result of today's negotiation is, Watanabe Chun will not do any good to kill him and his son. He will cooperate with the Japanese to catch Liu Yusheng. Watanabe Chun felt that Zhou Zongfu had a sincere attitude. He could not help but let him go.

Liu Yusheng deliberately went to a nightclub to talk business with people and sell rice. According to the news of Zhou Zongfu, the Japanese spy rushed to seize him. Liu Yusheng was taken to the interrogation room by Watanabe Chun. Zhou Yaohua was tortured by the secret service, but he didn't tell the whereabouts of rice. However, when he saw Liu yushao being arrested, he was very worried about his execution. He said that Liu Yusheng had nothing to do with it. Don't be hard for him. You can hand over the rice. Liu Yusheng quickly winks at Zhou Yaohua and asks what Zhou Yaohua's rice has been transferred to give to the Japanese. Since he has joined the Communist Party, he will surely find a way to save him. Zhou Yaohua does not know why Liu Yusheng said that, and can't say anything more. Liu Yusheng was tortured and didn't tell where the rice was. Watanabe Chun took out his gun and put it on Zhou Yaohua's head. He threatened Liu Yusheng with Zhou Yaohua's life. Liu Yusheng had to tell him that Zhao Dingsheng, the Minister of national defense, was in charge of the underground party and that the rice was in his hands. Watanabe Chun believed Liu Yusheng's words and slowly put down his gun. In the evening, Liu Yusheng and Zhou Yaohua opened their hearts in the Japanese prison. Liu Yusheng apologized for not explaining his true identity to him. Zhou Yaohua thanked Liu Yusheng for saving himself.

Everything went according to plan. Zhou Zongfu was very moved to see that the Communist Party sent Liu Yusheng to the Japanese prison in order to save his son. Lao Wei admired Zhou Zongfu as an anti Japanese hero and was willing to help him. At this time, ah Yan and Liu yushao came back and told them that the rice was safe in a warehouse outside the eastern suburb. Liu yushao did not resist when he was captured. He was very smart and would try to protect himself.

Zhou Zongfu called minister Zhao to Chengdu and talked with him in Zhou Yaomin's office. The military Statistics Station sent people to monitor their conversation. Zhou Zongfu deliberately said that when he was in Chongqing, Minister Zhao told him that as long as he took off his military uniform and handed it over to him, he would let Zhou Yaomin go. Now he agreed to take off his military uniform. Zhao Dingsheng still wanted the three boats of rice, but Zhou Zongfu said he didn't know where the rice was. The juntong spy who monitored their conversation suspected that Zhao Dingsheng was a Communist Party and might lead troops to join the Communist Party.

Director Sun and others who followed Zhao Dingsheng reported his whereabouts to the stationmaster of the military Statistics Station. The stationmaster heard that Zhao Dingsheng was talking business with people everywhere. He thought that Zhao Dingsheng had two possibilities: one was to collect money to find a way out for himself; the other was to collect materials for the Communist party. He asked director Sun to continue to follow him to see what he was going to do.