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Why does notebook restart automatically? What are the reasons for notebook restart automatically?

Four seas entertainment news: notebook computers have many convenient functions, so we will improve efficiency when we work, but if notebook computers fail, if you can't eliminate it, it will be very troublesome. Here is the reason why the notebook computer carefully arranged for you will restart automatically. Let's have a look. How to restart the laptop automatically?

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The reason of notebook computer restart automatically

1、 First look at the hardware, that is, from the power supply, memory, CPU fan; the motherboard and hard disk may not be too large. And then see if the data lines are connected firmly.

2、 It's software. Confirm whether there is a problem with the system. Try to recover with the optimization master. Check whether some drivers fail to pass the system's security certification. If not, uninstall and re drive. There are also some applications that cause instability to the system. When the load is loaded, the CPU will restart if it fails to operate normally. There is also a virus. It's a terrible thing. Don't worry about it. Reload the grid.

3、 It is the main board setting. It may be better to change the main board setting, but people who don't know about the main board should not move. If they have adjusted it, they can manually restore the factory settings.

How to restart the laptop automatically

1. Virus damage

Shortly after the computer came into being, computer virus came into being. When the network becomes the main information artery of today's society, the spread of virus is more convenient, so it also interferes and destroys our normal work from time to time. Typical is a period of time before the global computer caused serious damage to the 'shock wave' virus, the attack will also prompt the system will automatically start in 60 seconds. In fact, as early as the era of DOS, many viruses can restart your computer automatically.

Hackers can use Trojans to get each other's IP address and steal numbers. The computer will restart automatically!

For virus damage, we can use the latest version of anti-virus software for anti-virus, and generally we will find that the virus exists. Of course, there is also the possibility that when you surf the Internet, someone maliciously invades your computer and places a Trojan. In this way, the other party can control all the activities of your computer remotely, including restarting your computer. For some Trojans, it's not easy to clear them. It's better to reinstall the operating system.

2. System file is damaged

When the system files are damaged, such as kernel32.dll under Win2K, fonts under Win98 fonts directory and other basic files during system operation are damaged, the system will be forced to restart due to the failure of initialization during startup. You can do an experiment to change the name of "fonts" in the Win98 directory. When you turn on the computer again, our computer will start repeatedly.

For this kind of failure, because the normal desktop cannot be accessed, the installation can only be overwritten or reinstalled.

3. Timing software or planning task software works

If you set up to restart or load some work programs in the schedule task bar, the computer will also restart when the scheduled time comes. In this case, we can open the "start" item, check whether there are any execution files or other scheduled work programs that we are not familiar with, and then start the check after shielding them. Of course, we can also directly enter the 'msconfig' command in 'run' to select the startup item, or directly press and hold the startup key for a long time.

4. Enter CMOS, in the power management menu, PME event wake up should be disable,

Click my computer, properties, advanced, settings, turn off the system failure automatic restart function.

Software incompatibility often causes the problem of shutdown and restart, which is a new mechanism of XP. Solution: right click on 'my computer' and select properties. Select the 'advanced' tab, locate 'startup and recovery', and click the 'Settings' button next to it. Remove the checkmark before "auto restart" in "system failure" (if you only use XP, you can cancel all the checkmarks you see, which can speed up the startup of XP).

Enter the safe mode. If you do not restart after shutdown, continue to check the system cause. If you restart after shutdown, try changing the power supply. Hardware

1. Unstable mains voltage

The working voltage range of the switching power supply of the general home computer is 170V-240V. When the mains voltage is lower than 170V, the computer will automatically restart or shut down. Because we sometimes can't feel the fluctuation of the mains voltage, we will mistakenly think that the computer automatically restarts for no reason.

Solution: for areas with frequent unstable power supply, we can purchase UPS power supply or 130-260v wide switching power supply to ensure the stable operation of the computer. Or purchase household voltage stabilizer.

2. Poor quality and poor contact of plug row or power socket

Most of the power supply sockets on the market are of poor quality. The internal contacts are manually welded, and acid flux is often used, which is easy to cause open circuit or leakage between the live line and the zero line due to the oxidation of the solder joints in later use. Because of the manual welding and the poor elasticity of the phosphor copper sheet, it is easy to lose the elasticity in a short time, resulting in the poor contact with the power plug of the host or the display, resulting in a large contact resistance, which will generate a lot of heat and lead to virtual connection when working for a long time, at this time, it will be shown as the restart of the host or the flashing black screen of the display.

Another possibility is the wall socket used in our home. Most of the wall sockets are not installed by professionals, so the wiring inside the socket is very nonstandard, especially if we often use high-power electric heaters, it is easy to cause internal thermal oxidation virtual connection and form intermittent power failure, causing computer restart or blink of the display.


① Don't try to save money and buy cheap but not beautiful power strips. Buy some famous brand power strips, because the internal parts are automatically installed and crimped by the machine, without manual welding.

② For the problem of virtual connection inside the wall socket, we can try to change the host into a wall socket to see if there is the same problem of automatic restart.

3. The power supply of the computer is insufficient or the performance is poor

This kind of situation is also quite common, especially when we add new equipment for our host, such as replacing high-end video card, adding a recorder, adding a hard disk, it is easy to appear. When the host works at full speed, such as running a large-scale 3D game, recording at high speed or preparing to read a disc, when it is just started, the data copied by the dual hard disk may stop output due to the power protection caused by the lack of instantaneous power supply, but when the power supply stops output, the load is reduced, and then the power supply starts again. Because the recovery time after protection is very short, the performance for us is that the host automatically restarts.

In another case, the switch power supply of the main engine has poor performance. Although the voltage is stable and within the normal allowable range, the excessive harmonic content in its output power supply will also cause the main engine to crash or restart frequently. In this case, we use a multimeter to test its voltage, which is normal. It is better to replace a good power supply for elimination.

Solution: replace the power supply of high quality and high power computer.

4. The mains plug of the switch power supply of the main engine is loose, in poor contact and not plugged tightly

In this case, most of them will appear on the DIY machine. The power cord of the host power supply is not 3C certified and does not match the power socket. When we shake the table or touch the host, the host will restart automatically, and there will be a slight "crackle" of electric ignition.

Solution: replace the high quality 3C certified power cord.

5. The atx20 socket of the main board has faulty welding and poor contact

This kind of fault is not common, but it does exist. It is mainly to move the atx20 pin plug left and right when the host is working normally to see if the host will restart automatically. At the same time, check whether the reed inside the 20 pin power plug is oxidized, which can easily lead to large contact resistance and poor contact, resulting in the engine crash or restart. Sometimes also need to check the 20 pin plug at the end of the connection line, are solid.


① If the main board solder joint is faulty, it can be repaired directly with electric soldering iron. Note: when welding the main board, hard disk, video card and other computer boards, make sure that the electric soldering iron is well grounded, or unplug the power plug when welding.

② If it's a power problem, it's better to replace a good power supply.

6. CPU problem

When some functional circuits inside the CPU are damaged and the secondary cache is damaged, the computer can also be started and even enter the normal desktop for normal operation, but when a special function is performed, it will restart or crash, such as drawing a table, playing VCD, playing games, etc.

Solution: try to shield L2 or L1 in CMOS to see if the host can operate normally. No longer, replace and exclude the CPU directly. If it can operate normally after shielding, it can still make do with it. Although it is slower, it will save money.

CPU load reaches the limit, heating restart.

Solution: check whether the radiator is damaged by ice.

Personal suggestions, In fact, there is a better way. Generally, you will have a very simple CD. You can reinstall the system according to the instructions. Note that you can only deal with those that are not used because of quality problems. Before you use this CD, you first need to know what disk the important things in front of you are on. Then you can perform according to the program.

7. Memory problems

If a chip on the memory module is not completely damaged, it is likely to pass the self-test (post is set for most of the chips), but it will be restarted unexpectedly due to the failure of the function due to the large heat generated by the memory. Most of the time, when the memory is damaged, it will alarm when the power is turned on, but it will not alarm when the memory is damaged, and there are still some faults without power up. It is better to use the elimination method to quickly determine the fault location.

8. Optical drive problem

If the CD-ROM drive is damaged internally, it will also cause the host to start slowly or fail the self-test, or it may restart suddenly during operation. For the latter case, if we replace the optical drive, it is likely that the power consumption of the optical drive is different. What you need to know is that although the ATPI interface of the optical drive is the same, the pin definitions of different manufacturers are different. If there is a problem with our hard disk cable, there may be no problem with the use of one brand of optical drive, but other brands of optical drive will not work, which needs your attention.

9. Reset key quality problem

If the reset switch is damaged and the internal reed is always in the short circuit position, the main engine will not be able to power up the self-test. However, when the reset switch is weakened or the button on the chassis is not easy to spring up, it will appear in the use process, because occasionally touching the chassis or in normal use, the host suddenly restarts. Therefore, when the reset switch cannot be pressed freely, we must check carefully. It is better to replace the reset button switch with a new one or oil and lubricate the external button of the chassis.

In another case, the reset switch lead in the cabinet is insulated during welding