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Why do people snore? How to prevent and treat snoring

Why do people snore?

1 snoring is caused by illness:

Sound is produced by vibration, which is a simple physics knowledge of junior high school, snoring is no exception. Because the airway of snorers is usually narrower than that of normal people, the compensatory contraction of throat muscles keeps the airway open without blockage when awake in the daytime. However, when sleeping at night, the nerve excitability decreases, the muscles relax, and the pharyngeal tissue is blocked, which makes the upper airway collapse. When the airflow passes through the narrow part, eddy current and vibration are generated, resulting in snoring. In serious cases, breathing will be temporarily stopped. In general, patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease have a higher rate of snoring. In addition, patients with chest problems, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases often have snoring problems.

In addition, some people are not sick, but still snore, which may be caused by some external characteristics of the body, such as obese people, throat muscles more, in lying on their back when sleep is also prone to muscle relaxation blocking the pharynx caused by snoring phenomenon. Some people are not fat, but they may be too fat in some parts, such as tonsil, soft palate and tongue, too long uvula, loose throat, tongue suffix, etc. Some people have physiological abnormalities in the respiratory, nasopharynx and jaw, which are also the causes of snoring. For example, deviation of nasal septum, nasal polyp and so on can cause nasal stenosis, air flow blockage, mouth breathing and snoring. In a word, there are many reasons for snoring. Most snorers have more or less potential diseases. The louder snoring, the more dangerous it is.

Snoring is caused by environmental and psychological factors:

In fact, although a person is asleep, the human body's perception of the outside world does not completely disappear with the person's deep sleep, and still has an induction and response to the external stimulation. Snoring is one of this kind of induction. Psychologically speaking, snoring is a conversation between human beings and the real world in their sleep. It's no wonder that my uncle can always play a snoring sonata from high to low. In this case, if you want a person to stop snoring, you should provide a quiet rest environment as much as possible, so that snoring will naturally become smaller or stop.

Most of the time, snoring is caused by diseases, which will lead the disease to a worse direction and form a vicious circle. At the same time, snoring may also be affected by the surrounding environment. Therefore, in daily life, villagers should remember to keep the sleeping environment quiet, quit smoking and alcohol, lose weight and keep fit, and keep a healthy sleep posture, so as to overcome the bad habit of snoring more effectively and protect health better. If snoring is too serious, don't forget to see a doctor in time and treat it in time!