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Why is the cat crying for spring so miserable? Why is the cat crying like a baby

The period from the end of winter to the beginning of summer is the period of oestrus, which is generally called "cat calls spring". Under natural conditions, except for the hottest dog days in summer, cats can have estrus, but the best breeding season is spring and autumn.

The time of sexual maturity is generally between June and December, when cats can reach sexual maturity and start oestrus, and a few months later. Just like human beings, there is no exact time point. Due to the differences in nutrition, breed, growth environment, individual physiology, psychology and so on, the sexual maturity time of individual cats is not the same. It also reminds owners to pay attention to the family planning of cats as soon as possible.

● the sexual maturity time of female cats is 4 or 5 months, and also late to 1.5 years old. Many people think cats are young, but they are scared when they have big stomachs.

● generally speaking, the sexual maturity of male cats is relatively late, but there are also four or five months of feces to produce sperm. But there are many cooperative factors for male cats to achieve mating, such as too light weight, too low social status of the cat family, psychological barriers, and so on.

There will be a series of changes in the external genitalia of female cats. The changes of vulva can be divided into four stages: the first stage is that the pubic hair is just separated, the external genitalia is swollen, and the labia is slightly split; the second stage is that the pubic hair is completely separated, the vulva is swollen obviously, the labia is obviously two big flaps, with a small amount of white mucus; In the third stage, the swelling and valgus of the vulva were intense, showing four distinct flaps and a lot of mucus; in the fourth stage, the swelling of the vulva gradually subsided, atrophied and dried, and the pubic hair gradually showed a brush shape. Usually in the second and third stages, it is the easiest to mate successfully.

When the female cat is in heat, her eyes are bright, her appetite is decreased, her activities are increased, she likes to go out and roam, especially at night, she looks restless. The behavior and voice of the oestrus female cat will change. The most obvious is "cat cries for spring", which is like a baby crying, sometimes howling. The female cat often rolls and twists on the ground; becomes very friendly to people; often dawdles on people or tables, chairs, cabinets and other things with her body; a few female cats will urinate around or have poor appetite.

When you touch the back of the female cat or the part close to the genitals (such as the root of the tail), the female cat will raise her butt, face the tail to one side, lie on the ground and step with her hind feet, which is the position that the female cat is ready for mating. The situation of the female cat kept in the house will be particularly obvious. If there is no mating chance, the situation will be more serious one by one. The estrus period may be delayed to about 20 days, but the interval of the estrus period will be shortened. Normal people can't stand this situation!

The estrous condition of a mature male cat is induced by the smell and call of the estrous female cat. In order to win the heart of the female, the male cat will fight to win (but the female cat may not like the winner). The male hormone of sexually mature male cat increases greatly, and it will spray urine everywhere to occupy the site. The urine taste is very strong, and there is also a risk of infection and illness for fighting and injury, which is very troubling. So if you don't want to breed or 'commit' a bloody male cat, you should consider castration.

The mating season of cats: from late winter, spring and autumn are the main mating seasons. Estrus cycle: 3-4 times in one year. Oestrus time: 6-10 days on average. Oestrus interval: in mating season, the female cat oestrus every 2-3 weeks. The above is about the average value, there are differences. A few even have the exception of mating season, but the cycle after oestrus is almost the same. If there is no mating during oestrus, the cat will start oestrus again soon, about two to three weeks apart. If the cat is unable to mate for a long time, the interval between estrus will be shortened, which looks like it has been estrus continuously.