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Why are so many people playing King's glory? What are the reasons for the popularity of King's glory

Four seas entertainment news: Recently, I often see people saying "King pesticide" on the Internet. What does it mean to hit pesticide. In fact, this is not a pesticide for crops, but a mobile phone game, called King glory. Because pesticide and glory pronunciation are similar, netizens call it King pesticide. "Glory of the king" is a MoBa mobile game developed and run by Tencent games, which runs on Android and IOS platforms, and it is also a hot one recently.

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Is hero League good or King glory fun? How many players does King glory have?

The stem of kingly pesticide

The king pesticide is actually the nickname of the king glory of mobile games. General netizens say that "hit pesticide" means to play with the glory of mobile game king. Because the pronunciation of "glory" is similar to "pesticide", and because of the heat and toxicity of the game, netizens call it "King pesticide". Wang's glory is a MoBa mobile game developed and run by Tencent games on Android and IOS platforms. It was officially tested on Android and IOS platforms on November 26, 2015. So far, it has been very popular. In November 2016, Wang's glory was listed in the 2016 China pan entertainment index grand ceremony 'China IP value list - Top 10 of the game list'.

The reason why King pesticide can catch fire

First: strong promotion. QQ and wechat log in directly. Wechat, QQ two terminal promotion. How many QQ users? 800 million. How many wechat? How many billions? We don't need to turn all these billions of people into King glory players. We just need to turn a little bit of them into tens of millions, a hundredth of them into millions. A game with millions of players & hellip; & hellip; is easy to fire by itself.

Second, it is similar to the experience of lol mobile games. Basically as like as two peas of LOL, the two games are the same. On the basis of lol players, if there are new players who want to play mobile version, they may enter the king glory together. As like as two peas in the LOL, the heroes in the king's glory are basically the same. Let a lot of lol players feel very friendly and familiar. As the saying goes, standing on the shoulder of a giant, I am also a giant.

Third: Technology in place. The quality of the picture basically reaches the standard of ordinary end game. Compared with many 2D, what is called 2.5D, 3D pictures are much better. Its equipment system, lol, is streamlined. Its talent, glyph system, lol moved in. Its skill system is basically lol! It's only strengthened in a certain proportion. As the saying goes, standing on the shoulder of a giant, I am also a giant.

Wang's operation is not as good as the hero League. MoBa games are still cool with mouse and keyboard. But the king's tempo is fast, and the game time is far less than that of the League of heroes. And mobile phones are easy to carry and play when you have time. No matter how the League of heroes is, there must be computers. How to play without computers. Some students can't play hero League in class. So play king

Wang Wumao: Wang Zhe pesticide is the best mobile phone based dota game at present. Even if dota is adapted into mobile games, it will not bring about a big change (but I will play)

Vanity only has 33 mode, half of the points have been deducted. It's not suitable for touch operation. The screen of mobile phone 5.5 will block a lot of things. It's impossible for me to only have thick fingers. I heard that you call it not suitable for high-end, and that those vanity missionaries who play dota games are not only looking at pictures, take a picture to talk about things. I feel sad when I see it. And vanity powder is one powder and ten black The superiority of vainglory players comes from the following: vainglory is a foreign game picture, and other games don't matter to me:??????

The war of freedom openly sells the invincible krypton gold equipment in the game board, which is also called dota like?

Storm heroes such as light shadow duel are almost a dead game now. Your talent tree is much worse than storm. You think adding an "ow like" in-house and cutting at any time can attract gold. The works of "second dimension feelings" won't be full of black. Who will change the auxiliary and method of the hero and can't play it at all

There are also some "second dimension" people who don't even have the copyright of their characters. Even 300 heroes are copied by 300 people. It's too cruel to copy all the original ones even if they change their names

No need to talk about the IP destroying works of end game transplantation

In the end, the lol game is a PC game that wants to build a disdain chain across platforms? Who stipulates that dota players can't play hand games, go back and squat and sing