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Why can't you play the game of King glory? What are the reasons for the failure of King glory landin

Sihai entertainment news: glory of the king is a MoBa mobile game developed and run by Tencent games and operated on Android and IOS platforms. It's also a hot one recently, but sometimes it may encounter the situation that glory of the king can't get on. Let's let Xiaobian tell you the specific reason why glory of the king can't get on.

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The reason why the king could not ascend

1、 Insufficient memory space and storage are the main reasons. Players should check the remaining capacity of their mobile phones before installing games. If the capacity is insufficient, they should uninstall some applications or games, or cool down the memory of their mobile phones and try again.

2、 If the memory of the mobile phone is sufficient, it is recommended that the player check his / her mobile network. Because hero traces need to download the game resource pack online and it is a network game, the player needs to check whether the signal is unstable or the mobile network is not turned on when downloading the game.

3、 If the above situations have been eliminated, it may be the problem of the game itself. It is recommended that players uninstall the game and try to reinstall it, or choose other game websites to download the game.

The solution of the king's glory

1. After the system prompts that the memory space is insufficient, the uninstall program will not increase the available space, and it will still prompt that the system memory is insufficient, which can be solved by formatting the mobile phone through personal test, that is, to restore the factory settings.

2. Open the re file browser, find the useless system cache files in the folder data / Dalvik cache and uninstall customized programs, and you can delete them at ease. The files required by the system can be generated automatically after restart. After deletion, you can feel the obvious increase of system memory and release of RAM memory. Wait for one to two minutes during restart, and do not operate.

3. Open RE manager and find / data / local / directory. You will see two folders: rights and TMP (some may not have rights, but it doesn't matter). Enter tmp folder and you will find that the previous installation failure or the software failed to restart during installation can be found here. Then, of course, delete them and check your phone memory. No A lot more.

4. The method of moving app to SD card has some limitations. Of course, the effect is not bad, but some mobile phones do not support this function.

The solution to the failure of King's glory landing

1. Server maintenance

The official maintenance or bug will fail to enter the game, so we should pay more attention to the game announcement.

See if the mobile phone system version is too low, upgrade or buy a new one.

2. Login prompt: 'connection error occurred, try again' how to solve

-Signal problem, try to reconnect or go to the place with good signal

-Try to restart the game and refresh the page

-Using WiFi

WiFi suck up, use 2/3/4G connection.

3. Version problem

The unofficial version, you can try to download the latest version.

4. There is not enough memory in the phone, or there is game cache

Clear the running memory and the memory of the mobile phone, make sure there is enough space, and restart the mobile phone if necessary.

5. Incorrect installation

Please uninstall the whole game, reinstall and download the data.

6、 Mobile phone configuration is too low

In fact, most of the problems we encounter are generally due to poor server maintenance or network. As long as we do the above, we can generally solve them.