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Why did Zhu Yuanzhang not destroy Mongolia? Introduction to five tigers of Zhu Yuanzhang in Ming Dyn synthesis: we don't understand a lot about history. We didn't live in that war-torn and divergent ancient country. Looking at history is a textbook and listening to historical stories, it's really hard for us to imagine how we should live if we lived in that era. The war-torn history makes us confused between good and bad, right and wrong. Today, we'll look at history and understand why What did Zhu Yuanzhang not destroy Mongolia? Who are the five tigers of Zhu Yuanzhang? Take a look at the introduction of the article.

Combined with history, it is a common saying that the Ming army was not adapted to the environment outside the great wall and was unable to eliminate Mongolia. But if we broaden our horizons, we will find this statement wrong. The Ming army successfully occupied the whole Guandong area and reached today's stanov mountains (Russia), but left only a small area in the south of Guandong area, roughly Liaoning Province. Other vast territories were abandoned, and the local tribes such as Mongolia and Nuzhen were allowed to exercise autonomy, and they only played the role of a suzerain. This creates conditions for the rise of Nuzhen again. In addition, Ming Taizu also stipulated 15 countries not to be expropriated, including North Korea with similar environment to the Central Plains.

After the emperor Taizu expelled Mongolia in 1368, he had eight northern expeditions, all of which won except the second tie. That is to say, even if the Ming army went out to fight against Mongolia, it also had an absolute advantage over Mongolia, and it was definitely not unable to eliminate Mongolia.

There is also a saying that the Emperor didn't want to destroy Mongolia, as long as the traditional territory of China is recovered. Therefore, as soon as Mongolia escaped from China, he immediately built the great wall and adopted a defensive strategy. Since then, the eight northern expeditions have been a tactical attack, that is, an attack for defense, not a strategic attack. Clearly I can destroy you, and I will let you go. As long as you weaken your strength, so that you can't threaten me, that's enough.

Who are the five tigers of Zhu Yuanzhang

Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang, five tiger generals

1. Chang Yuchun: known as "Chang 100000", brave and superior. Old Zhu boasted that he should be a million people. In the Poyang Lake war, Zhang Dingbian, a famous general of the Han Army, was shot and wounded, saving Zhu's life.

2. Xu Da: old Zhu called him "the Great Wall". He has made great achievements in the war. Force is a little less than 100000.

3. Feng Guosheng: the eight people who are expected to be the most important officials in the imperial edict, rank the third.

4. Fu Youde: he has made seven battles and seven victories.

5. Lanyu: he has made a lot of contributions to the war, but he doesn't know how to guard. Zhu Yuanzhang was forbidden to let his horse enter the customs. Later, he was accused of conspiracy. There are more than 15000 people in the company. Tragedy!

These great generals have made great contributions to the founding of the country, but some of them have not come to an end. It's a pity.