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[inventory] entry, time and rules of Taobao application at 2017 goods Festival

[2017 Taobao annual commodities festival activity overview]

1. Activity time

Taobao annual goods festival time: 1.22-2.2 (1.27-2.2 main promotion period)

Taobao annual commodities Festival registration time: 1.7-1.15

Audit deadline: 1.18 (feedback the seller's audit results before 24:00 on January 19)

Registration time of peripheral products: 1.8-2.2

2. Activity form

1.22-1.26 all branch venues are displayed in the form of bottom navigation and side navigation. (official sale)

1.27-2.2 display time of main categories in main venue during main push outbreak note: except for main categories, other categories are displayed in main venue in the form of bottom and side navigation every day

1.27 food

1.28 clothing + bags + sports (footwear)

1.29 digital + home appliances + automobile + sports (equipment)

1.30 home furnishing department store

1.31-2.1 mother and baby + beauty makeup + jewelry accessories

2.2 global purchase

2、 Registration rules of Taobao New Year Festival:

1. Taobao sellers;

2. Taobao marketing rules tag=self

3. For the detailed rules on the access of merchants and commodities in each branch venue, please refer to the links of each category

4. The merchants (except the periphery) in the main and sub venue shall issue the red envelopes of the shop during the activity period of 1.22-2.2, which are only used for 1.22-2.2; the total amount of red envelopes set by the Seller shall be more than 3000 yuan, with the face value of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan

To collect and send red envelopes:

5. In order to introduce more traffic to the sellers participating in this promotion, the registered merchants should try their best to open the whole shop of gold coin for deduction. The Sellers / commodities that have been approved and have been credited with gold coins will be displayed on January 27-2.2 at the venue of the annual gold rush meeting. Gold rush setting tutorial:

6. In order to introduce more traffic to the sellers participating in this promotion, the registered merchants should try their best to open Taobao customers. This activity will promote the sellers who set up Taobao customers externally

7. The connection of the event store's receiving page is automatically generated by the system and will be opened to the seller for decoration at 10:00 a.m. on January 15.

Shop undertake page tutorial:

3、 Commodity registration qualification of Taobao New Year Festival:

Entry requirements for event products:

The discount rate of activity price meets the requirements of corresponding categories

The commodities in the venue must be sent by parcel post nationwide (except for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas and remote areas, including Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Tibet)

3. The discount price shall not be higher than the lowest price within 30 days

4. The commodities of this activity shall be delivered within 7 natural days after being photographed (the delivery time of basic building materials for home decoration main materials shall be negotiated and agreed by the buyer and the seller)

4、 Other relevant instructions

1. There is no margin access requirement for commodities of this promotion

2. Peripheral commodities encourage sellers to set up shop red envelopes (no threshold), gold coins and Taoists to create a big promotion atmosphere

3. After the successful registration of the activity, the Seller shall not withdraw from the activity in advance for any reason, and shall not shut down the transaction, refuse to deliver goods or sell fake goods or improperly use others' rights during the activity. Otherwise, Taobao has the right to withdraw and replace the activity goods, clear the activity seller and punish according to Taobao rules;

During the promotion period, in order to better improve the browsing and transaction transformation in the shop and bring more transaction opportunities, all the products promoted by the shop will be automatically generated in the heart selection module of the shop details page.

Introduction to 'heart selection module':