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Precautions for driving home in Spring Festival!

Spring Festival is coming, and it's time to go home for Spring Festival. When it comes to going home, in addition to the choice of trains and planes, more people will choose to take buses and self driving, and some people will choose the way of carpooling to go home for the new year. So, what should we pay attention to in the process of driving, self driving and carpooling home? The reporter specially interviewed in many aspects.

Overloading is a big taboo

First of all, let's talk about buses. We all know that the buses of Spring Festival are very crowded. Some passenger vehicles can achieve 60% overload in order to earn money. I remember that last year, Liulin brigade of provincial high-speed traffic police checked an overloaded bus. When they finally organized vehicles to take passengers to leave, they were almost full of seats, which surprised the traffic police. Some people may ask, what is the overload It doesn't matter. As long as you can go home, it's just crowding. This is not a problem of crowding. Just imagine that if a bus carries 50 people, but 70 people, all kinds of parts and functions of the vehicle will also suffer from excessive running in. As time goes by, it will lead to potential accidents. This is also an important reason why the state explicitly prohibits overstaffing. Another problem is that too many people will lead to rampant thieves. When passengers go home for the new year, they must protect their belongings. If there are thieves on the way, call the police as soon as possible.

The high-speed traffic police specially warned the bus owners not to make fun of themselves and the lives of the passengers for their petty profits, but also reminded the passengers to find help from the high-speed traffic police in time in case of any difficulties on the road. If the overloaded buses are found on the bus, they must call the reporting phone in time.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport and other relevant departments, during the Spring Festival, there are special weather such as rain, snow, ice and fog. The high-speed traffic police and the road administration department should make every effort to ensure the Spring Festival, shovel snow in time, and the police cars lead the way to ensure that there is not a large number of traffic jams, so you don't have to worry about closing the expressway due to the bad weather of rain and snow. The high-speed traffic police will provide a series of services The measures to ensure the smooth flow of traffic will not delay the time for passengers to go home too much, and ensure that they can sit at home and drink and eat dumplings on the eve of the lunar new year.

Don't drive tired

The national expressway is in the period of perfection, and each expressway is continuously widened. Lianhuo expressway has been completed, which also provides perfect hardware facilities for the majority of self driving friends. It is convenient to drive home during the Spring Festival, but if the distance is too long, it becomes a problem. Mr. Liu, who works in Zhengzhou, told reporters about driving back to Wenzhou last Spring Festival. 'it took two days to get there, driving until it was about to break down. Mr. Liu said: 'I had a night's sleep in the service area on the first day and in the city hotel of Lianhuo Expressway on the second day. I found that some road sections were still under renovation. The construction company made a lot of cement barriers on the road. I couldn't reduce the speed several times and directly washed the barriers. The car was not able to shake. I finally got to Wenzhou. After I went home, I had a major repair and I had a few days' rest There is only one idea on the car. I would rather run home and sit in the car for almost 20 hours. My legs are cramped when I drive. '

According to the data provided by the high-speed traffic police, it is not allowed to drive for more than 14 hours in a row. Of course, it is also a very pleasant thing if several people carpool together to return home. The premise is to ensure that the driver has quite excellent technology and has a real driving license. In addition, before driving for a long distance, the driver must try to ensure normal sleep, and should also Adjust your seat and back, eat light food and drink more water. Remember not to set the time to arrive at the destination in advance, so as to prevent fatigue driving in order to catch up with the time.

High speed traffic police introduced to reporters that drivers driving alone for too long, usually fatigue, and thus dysfunction. Once the driver appears fatigue symptoms in driving, he is not far away from the disaster. According to statistics, the traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving account for about 20% of the total number, accounting for more than 40% of the major traffic accidents. Relevant tests show that if the driver drives more than 10 hours a day and sleeps less than 4.5 hours, the accident rate is the highest. Therefore, the owner of the self driving car may as well find a companion on the road. One way is not lonely, and the other way is to replace the driver. Isn't it wonderful!

[carpooling] make a contract first

It's a long way to go. Gas and road tolls cost a lot to cross the bridge. It's not only tiring for everyone to drive a private car home, but also too much money. It's not cost-effective. What should we do if we take public transportation such as trains and long-distance buses and feel guilty? So in recent years, many people have come up with the idea of carpooling home for the new year. Open the Internet, you can now search for tens of thousands of pieces of information about carpooling, which can reach all parts of the country.

Take Beijing Nantong as an example. If you take a train or other means of transportation, it will cost 350 yuan, while 4 people only need 1000 yuan for carpooling, 250 yuan for each person. They can also move freely, send people home, relax on the road, have a rest and eat conveniently. Why not? But the lawyer also tells us that there are many problems in carpooling. If there is an accident, or an accident or something happened on the way, it's very troublesome to get tangled up. Even friends may turn against each other. In the past, there have been many similar events in the Spring Festival. At last, we have to go to court and ask the judge to make a decision, and then things will be counted as the past. At this time, the owner always swore that he would never be a good man and would not share a car. In fact, this responsibility is not in the car sharing itself, but because we are not strong enough in legal awareness, and the responsibilities and obligations of both parties have not been agreed in advance, leading to disputes. So before you plan to carpool, you need to make a contract, take all the accidents that should be considered in the driving process into account, and distinguish the responsibilities.

Finally, remind the passengers that no matter how they go home, they should pay high attention to the safety issues. If there is any trouble, call the police immediately. During the holidays, the police will not take a holiday, but will increase the attendance rate and serve you at any time.