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What do you eat in the Spring Festival of the Chinese zodiac!

In modern society, the material is so rich that many things need not be done by oneself, but can be bought back, such as tofu, meat, steamed bun, etc. many processes are omitted. However, people's attention to spring festival diet has not declined, but has become more and more intense. Efforts have been made in dishes, raw materials and types. Delicacies, chicken, duck, fish and shrimp are no longer the goal of everyone's pursuit. Green and healthy diet has become a new favorite of people.

If food is added to the transportation, will you not be moved?

During the Spring Festival, what kind of food is most helpful for the opening of the Chinese zodiac

1、 Zodiac rat:

Steamed perch, fish flavored tender tofu, cabbage in white sauce, iced sugar pear, radish and beef brisket, white gourd cup.

2、 Cattle of the Chinese Zodiac

Eggplant with fish flavor, bacon with virgin fruit, chicken with red oil, beef with vanilla and red sauce, chocolate cake with cherry.

3、 Chinese Tiger

Stir fried beef with leek and silver buds, chicken with bamboo shoots, South meat and spring bamboo shoots, stir fried leek with tofu, and crucian carp soup with agaric and lotus root.

4、 Chinese Zodiac rabbit

Chinese wolfberry spring bamboo shoot, stir fried shredded shrimps with agaric and leek, black jujube and black chicken soup, black sesame and almond tea, Hangzhou pepper and beef fillet.

5、 Sheng Xiaolong

Spicy chicken wings, red date pudding, dried prawn, amber peach kernel, tremella cherry porridge.

6、 Zodiac snake

Spinach with minced meat, garlic sprouts, bamboo shoots with Chinese toon, steamed chicken with balsam pear and mushroom, stir fried bullfrog with spicy flavor, spinach soup with shredded chicken with shrimp.

7、 Zodiac horse

Stir fried eggs with garlic, tofu with Chinese toon, lettuce with shredded chicken, egg dumplings with leek, peanut and spinach porridge.

8、 Zodiac sheep

Stir fried eggs with Chinese toon, bean sprouts with spinach, home sweet and sour meatballs, chicken stewed with ginseng and red dates.

9、 Chinese monkey

Fried egg with shallot, steamed dumplings with two yellow leaves, bean sprouts with leek, barbecued pork with honey sauce, mixed fungus with broccoli.

10、 Chinese Zodiac chicken

Honey roasted wings, Shacha kebab, sweet osmanthus lotus root with honey sauce, Gulao meat, leek seafood porridge, grapefruit tea.

11、 Zodiac dog

Spicy chicken, red date cake, stewed chicken with peanut and red date, spicy pig's hoof, delicious beer shrimp, cherry juice.

12、 Zodiac pig

Chicken sauce roll, winter melon ball soup, nutritious tofu, baby dishes in soup, papaya fried shrimp ball, crab meat and lion's head.

Spring Festival, new year's day, is a new beginning of the year. Let's add points for the good luck of the new year in the food.