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How to deal with relatives' questions in the new year

The new year is coming. As a single aristocrat, how can you answer the big wave of willful questions from seven aunts?

Common problem

Have you found a job?

When are you going to have children?

Do you have a partner?

Why don't you get married?

When are you going to have children?

When do I buy a house?

Are you gaining weight again?

How much is the monthly wage now?

How much is the year-end bonus?

How about the exam? What's the number one?

Don't know how to answer, let's see the following strategies to ensure your safety.

Coping strategies

No.1 strategic transfer

This is what people often call "shifting topics", that is, when they ask questions that make them difficult to answer, they can shift topics by various ways.

For example, if someone asks you if you have anything, you can answer yes or no in the first half of the sentence vaguely, and then you can say new topics in the back.

No.2 counter defense as attack

This is actually an upgraded version of "strategic transfer", which is specifically aimed at the questioner. To be specific, learn to fight against each other. Before you go home, learn the latest information about each relative, mainly including their children's entrance to school, marriage or work, from which you can find the seven big aunts and eight big aunts' flaws. No one's family has a hard to read experience, and only knowing one's own and one's other can win all battles. When someone asks you a question, you can immediately ask him the same or other important questions, so that the other party will not ask again.

For example, did your daughter talk about friends? Was she married? How was your son's job? How much did she earn? What was the score of the final exam? What was the ranking? Did you earn money in the stock market this year? Did you prepare the marriage room for your child? Then & hellip; & hellip; probably did not.

No.3 humor and cute

The key point of this strategy is to use its own humorous charm or silly appearance to encourage everyone's laughter, so as to weaken the sense of existence of the questions asked before.

For example, when asked about height and weight, boys can tell a joke while girls can be cute

How many points have you got in the exam? Oh, it's very high. I think it's more than enough to win the National Award. I'm still the monitor in my class, and I've done a good job in my school. The students all say that I am "two things in study and work".

Do you have a boyfriend? -- yes, he is very handsome. He is 180 in height. He has returned from studying in the United States with a monthly salary of 40000. Ferrari Maserati drives in turn. There is a 300 square meter house in the city and a small villa in the suburb. He plans to get engaged in two years later.

And so on. Love, study, career, health & hellip; & hellip; maybe you believe it!

No.4 win sincerely

When you think the question is not easy to answer but you can't help it, please don't hesitate, just say it as it is.

For example, if you are asked about your work or performance, you can answer honestly. Otherwise, if you delay answering, the other party may continue to ask about this topic intentionally or unintentionally, which makes you fall into a more embarrassing situation.

No.5 calm smile

It is said that "silence is the gold", and this strategy is the optimized version of it, that is, answering questions without words, and using more external expressions and actions to express.

For example, some of the other side's teaching questions, or some of the boring questions, the former we can calmly nod to show that we are open-minded to receive education, the latter can slightly smile off, let the other side understand the topic boring.