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How to play these new year's techniques to make money!

In recent days, a kind of "red packet relay" has become popular in many groups. The general rule is: first, one person in the group sends a red packet, and then everyone starts to grab it. The person with the largest amount of money continues to send a new round of red packets, and then goes back and forth.

At this time, you may ask, what will happen if you keep playing like this? Are you making a lot of money in silence? Are you missing a few hundred million? Are you finally achieving common prosperity? Or are you becoming an oligopoly?

To solve these problems, Haimei might as well do some random experiments with the method of statistical simulation. The results may surprise you.

Wechat robbing red envelopes and mine clearing techniques

Tips: download a wechat red packet minesweeping app first

1. First, change the two mantissa numbers of red packets randomly, or change them to random numbers, such as 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2. Open wechat red packet Minesweeper software to help you grab other people's red packets at the first time.

3. At the same time, wechat red packet mine clearing software can help you to grab a large amount of red packets.

4. Wechat red packet Minesweeper software can adjust the amount of wechat red packet at will.

How does wechat red packet mine clearing play?

1. Download wechat red packet Minesweeper and open it.

2. In 'settings - auxiliary functions - wechat red packet minesweeping software', click 'open'.

3. Open wechat. In settings - new message reminder, the first two options "accept new message notification" and "notice display message details" are checked "open". (many people forget to do this step.)

4. Open a wechat group, click the top right corner, pull down, select "message free" option, and check "close". (that is to say, the prompt of group message should be kept on so as to touch the underlying interface of the system. )

5. In wechat red packet mine clearing software, check 'enable automatic red packet robbing', 'Niuniu amount adjustment', 'Jielong amount adjustment', 'Sangong amount adjustment', etc.

6. If you haven't succeeded, first make sure you are a smart phone (including Apple's jailbreak Android), and then you need to upgrade your wechat to the latest version.