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How to stick the double eyelid more naturally and without trace, you can't see it

If a girl with single eyelid wants to become a double eyelid, how can she do it? It's just to do surgery or stick double eyelid stickers. Many people may feel pain and worry about doing surgery, so many people still choose to stick double eyelid stickers. How to stick double eyelid stickers is traceless? Learn with Xiaobian!

Step1: cleaning

First clean the eyes with oil absorbing paper to help remove the oil on the surface, so as to make the double eyelid stick more comfortable. It's best to clean hands with a wet paper towel to remove grease and dust.

Step2: clipping

Put the double eyelid patch on the eyelid to compare, and cut out the appropriate length according to the eye shape. There are usually ready-made ones on the market, but you can't be lazy. You'd better cut them into the shape you need.

Step 3: paste

Raise the chin, confirm the position of the double eyelids, stick the double eyelid sticker along the arc of the eyes, and gently press the middle to make the double eyelid sticker firm.

Step 4: support

The tail of the eye is the most easily exposed position of the double eyelid patch. If you want to be more invisible, you need to support the double eyelid part of the tail of the eye with your fingertips. Then gently press the end of the eye to make it more comfortable.

Step 5: make up

After the double eyelid is pasted, it is suggested to apply the powder to the eye shadow instead of the frost texture. The purpose is to modify the stickers on the double fold skin so as to prevent the double eyelid from falling off because of the oil coming out of the skin.

Common shape of double eyelid patch:

Crescent shaped double eyelid patch is the most popular, its radian can fit the eyelids well, not only suitable for all eye types, all kinds of eyelids can also hold. Inside double or swollen bubble eye serious sister can put crescent back stick effect;

The semi-circular double eyelid patch is suitable for women with double swollen eyes or who want to have large European double eyelids;

Olive shaped double eyelid patch is suitable for women who have double eyelid folds. It is used to widen their own double eyelids, and it is also suitable for those with narrow eyes.