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How does pouch do? Balanced nutrition can also eliminate bags under the eyes

Looking at their bags under the eyes is very big, which makes people very distressed ~ people with bags under the eyes look listless, lack of work state. So, how to do with pouch?

Get up in the morning wash, pay attention to clean around the eyes, at the same time can be used with eye cream.

When you get up every day, pay attention to the cleaning around your eyes. At the same time, try to use a soft towel, not to stimulate your eyes. When you wash your face, you can apply cold water to your eyes properly, which can stimulate the blood circulation of the eyes and relieve the pouch. At the same time, accompanied by the use of eye cream, for bags under the eyes have a good effect. Just choose what you like and what suits you.

Massage the eyelids when the eyes are tired during the day.

Usually when working in the daytime, many of us are facing the computer, easy to eye fatigue, this will aggravate the formation of bags under the eyes, especially when staying up late, so, when the eyes are tired, we should pay attention to massage around the eyes and eyelids, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, alleviate the formation of bags under the eyes.

Pay attention to comprehensive and balanced diet.

Don't be picky about food in daily life, pay attention to the comprehensive diet, nutrition and balance, and ensure the needs of eye nutrition. Eat more foods that are good for your eyes, such as beans and fish with more protein, vegetables and fruits with rich vitamins, such as tomatoes and potatoes. In addition, daily attention to drink more water.

For girls who make up, make-up remover must use professional make-up remover.

For girls who often make up, when you remove make-up, you must use a professional way and order of removing make-up. At the same time, you should use a professional oil to remove make-up. Be careful of the stimulation around the eyes and reduce the damage to the eyes. Also for drawing eyeliner and so on, we must pay special attention to ways and means.

Apply fruit skin to your eyes before going to bed every day, such as cucumber skin, apple skin, etc.

Shoot two hawks with one arrow, and we can keep the eye around the water enough. We can also make eye mask for the eyes. I suggest that you try to use natural, original fruit to make thin skins, such as cucumber skin, apple peel, etc., and can also be used to make facial mask, kill two birds with one stone, and avoid all kinds of chemical substances. Low carbon and environmental protection are very practical and effective.

It's also a good effect to apply it with a hot wet towel.

In addition to using fruit to make eye mask mentioned above, you can also try. When taking a bath, you can apply a hot towel to your face and eyes, and massage around your face and eyes properly, so as to promote blood circulation and relieve eye bags and dark circles.

Drink as little water as possible before going to bed. Drinking more water before going to bed is easy to cause eye edema and aggravate eye bags.

As mentioned earlier, we should drink water during the day. However, we should pay attention to drinking less water before going to bed at night. We should all have the common sense that if we drink too much water before going to bed and get up the next day after going to bed, it is easy to cause eye edema. In this way, it is easier to form bags under the eyes. Therefore, pay special attention to drink less or no water before going to bed. At the same time, with the use of appropriate high point pillow, pillow too low, also easy to cause the formation of bags under the eyes.

1: Apply water to eyes

Prepare a cup of hot water, put a spoonful of salt in the hot water, and stir until the salt dissolves. Immerse two pieces of make-up cotton in salt water, apply it to the eyes while it is hot, then immerse it in hot water once when it is cold, and repeat this. After application, eye bags will improve a lot, long-term use, eye bags will slowly disappear.

2: Cucumber Eye Mask

Cucumber has always been a skin care artifact. It is often used to moisturize the skin. To remove the bags under the eyes, you can also use cucumber as a material. Cut the cucumber and mix it with yogurt, then wrap the mixture with two pieces of clean gauze and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. After taking it out, you can apply it on the eyes. It is very suitable for use at night. It can effectively remove the bags under the eyes and make the skin brighter!

Nowadays, many young people stay up late on the internet almost at night, playing with mobile phones and reading microblogs for a long time, causing congestion in their eyes, so the bags under their eyes become bigger and bigger, which is difficult to eliminate. The bigger bags under their eyes not only affect their appearance, but also lead to physical fatigue. Many people use cosmetics to cover them up, but many people are allergic to cosmetics and don't want to cover them up by makeup Own eyes, then the next article we want to understand how young bags under the eyes to do?

What reason has pouch. When we have bags under the eyes, we most know what causes it, such as insomnia or working overtime or drinking water at night, or kidney deficiency and poor health.

an antidote against the disease

For our kidney deficiency, many young people are like this, excessive play or excessive work without rest are harmful to our body, so we find out the reason and solve it later, don't take it seriously.

Be careful, housemaid

Sometimes we spend more time at home and have less contact with others. We seldom exercise and talk with others. When the skin on our face droops, bags under our eyes will form. It's terrible and difficult to recover.

More active facial muscles, we should chew more when we eat, and talk more with others, which can slow down the relaxation and sagging of our face. We can also use the method mentioned by ACO before to make efforts.

Roller for massage

One of my favorite ways is to use it for scraping. I learned from a Taiwanese beauty makeup artist. Another way is to use the roller to massage the whole face, and it's not easy to have fine lines.

Exercise to sweat on the face. It's hard for us to sweat on our face, so sometimes we can't drain a lot of water, and there will be a variety of oil and water imbalance, so we can have a degree when we exercise, that is, we feel sweating on our face. The exercise is in place.