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How to deal with baby's stuffy nose

Every time I see my baby's nasal congestion, it's very hard, but there's nothing I can do about it. Mothers need to have some necessary skills ~ such skills must be mastered ~ I'll learn with you~

1. Soak your feet in hot water

Cold cold caused by nasal congestion can be alleviated by soaking feet, adhere to the feet every night with hot water, in hot water can be appropriate to add some ginger or wormwood, foot temperature just can endure for the best, cold on the heating water temperature, bubble to feel the whole body slightly hot, slightly sweating, generally in about 15 minutes can achieve the effect of sweating, can prevent cold, treatment of nasal congestion Plug.

2. Hot compress

When the nasal passage is partially blocked due to congestion and edema of nasal mucosa caused by cold, hot towel can be used to cover the baby's mouth and nose, which can reduce the congestion of nasal mucosa, and hot steam can make the nasal passage unobstructed.

The specific method is: soak the towel in hot water, screw it dry and apply it on the baby's nose. In the hot towel can be covered with a layer of towel to keep the heat. Change the towel every 5 minutes. It's better to use 2 towels alternately. The hot compress time was 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times / day.

3. Nasal lavage with salt water

Cold is invaded by germs, nasal mucosa congestion, edema, hypertrophy. When nasal congestion occurs, do not blow your nose forcibly. You can buy normal saline at the drugstore. After applying hot towel to the nose, wash the nose with normal saline to reduce nasal germs, reduce inflammation and swelling, promote blood circulation of the nose, relieve congestion and swelling of nasal mucosa, and relieve nasal congestion.

4. Scallion white method

Mash with Scallion white head, squeeze out the juice and apply it directly between the baby's nose and lips, which can help relieve nasal congestion. It should be noted that, especially for small infants, scallion water should not be applied too much, so as not to cause discomfort to the baby.

5. Dietotherapy

① Ginger brown sugar water

Ginger for relieving exterior and dispersing cold, brown sugar for enriching blood and dispelling wind and cold, the combination of the two is mainly for treating wind cold. The specific method is: take a piece of ginger, shred, add brown sugar and water boiling, while hot to take, hide in the quilt to cover a sweat.

② Ginger water with Scallion

When nasal congestion is caused by a cold, you can give your baby some ginger water to drink. The specific method is: take 5 scallions and 4 pieces of ginger, put them into the pot and add water to make soup, which has the effect of dispersing cold and relieving exterior, and pay attention to keep warm.

6. Massage acupoints

① Yingxiang acupoint

Location: it is located on both sides of the nasal alar of the human face, beside the midpoint of the outer edge of the nasal alar, in the nasolabial groove.

Massage method: when massaging, put the screw surface of fingertips of both hands at Yingxiang acupoint, and rotate and rub for about 50-100 times.

② Knead mountain root acupoint

Location: Shangen point is located at the midpoint of the line between the inner canthus of children's eyes, at the low-lying place of the nasal root.

Massage method: when massaging, use the screw surface of middle finger abdomen to exert force, and press and knead Shangen acupoint at the midpoint of connecting line between two eyes for about 100 times.

③ According to Fengchi acupoint

Location: Fengchi point is located under the occipital bone of the head, in the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the upper end of trapezius muscle. When taking the point, the tiger's mouth is open, and the Fengchi point is pushed upward along the neck with the thumb and index finger to the depression under the occipital bone.

Massage method: when massaging the children, pay attention to flexing the elbow joints of both upper limbs, lifting both hands, fixing the children's head with the left hand, and kneading the bilateral Fengchi acupoints with the thumb and index finger of the right hand for 50 times.