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How to dress for a short man

what about girls with low stature? What kind of clothes can you wear without being short? Xiaobian to teach you, let you 158 instant transformation 168. Follow Xiaobian to learn how to match clothes like this. In the fashion circle, being short is really not an excuse. Emma Roberts, who is only 157cm tall, and many fashion bloggers and celebrities who are less than 160cm tall, have explained to us with living examples that short people are definitely not fashion insulators. Knowing how to dress can not only make you fashionable but also show your height. 158 wearing 168 is really not difficult! The existence of jacket makes too many girls laugh so much that they can't close their mouths! Jacket can visually shorten the upper body, lengthen the proportion of the lower body, and create a perfect three to seven point figure. Have long legs sister, put on a jacket, minute get super model body! Small mm with a jacket, but also can be sexy exposed navel, stomach, and a second to wear 168cm namely visual feeling oh, and the proportion of super good! Simple T-shirt jacket, this is not very short, but for the conservative small mm is enough to wear. Casually match with a pair of jeans shorts or skirt, you can go out young and playful! But remember to tie the T-shirt into the bottom, so that the proportion of the figure is perfect ~ the strap knitted jacket, coupled with the slim design, the temperament is very good, and can show the exquisite body. Versatile, classic, whether the bottom is a fancy printed skirt, or a simple professional skirt, or casual jeans, wide leg pants, are super fashionable Slim T-neck, as well as the navel of the careful machine, is so sexy and quiet Oh! Want to play sexy, with ordinary slim skirt, small hot pants, you can feel the nosebleed of passers-by Oh! A little conservative sister, you can choose the high waist piece, although the show is not much, but the sexy style is the same! High waisted shorts and short skirts are the sharp tools for summer girls to build long legs. The design of high waist makes the waistline more obvious and higher at the same time. Quoting the words of fashion circle, where the waistline is, where the legs are! Below the chest are the visual effects of legs, and then match with sexy hot miniskirts, sexy and full of vitality, and full of femininity!