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How to make your boyfriend love you more and more is very important

In fact, the relationship between lovers is not so difficult. If a girl wants her boyfriend to love you more and more, she can start with some small details, which will surely move his heart. The following details are what boys care most about. How many points have you achieved?

1. Create new experiences, such as planning a trip for two, or going to a new restaurant to try the main dishes. Two people enjoy the new things together and enhance their feelings.

2. Make a good relationship with his friends, so that he can feel that you have a good character and know each other better.

3. Every day after work, share with him what happened today. Happy and meaningful, such sharing can often shorten your distance. When you share with him, he will be very willing to share with you.

4. Coquetry and tenderness are women's nature. Men can never resist a woman's tenderness. Timely coquetry will make men feel that they are needed by you, that they are your dependence, and that they will have a sense of achievement. In men's eyes, a coquetry gentle woman is worthy of love and care.

5. Love is not the whole of life. You can't bombard him 24 hours a day. Don't let him become the whole focus of your life. Try to do what you like. Don't care too much about him. He will suffocate and give him more private space. This will stimulate his respect and love for you. It's not like letting him take the initiative to spend time with you, You have to remember never to try to wake someone who pretends to be sleeping.

6. Don't show yourself in front of him, keep a certain sense of mystery.

7. When a man is frustrated, what he needs most is his girlfriend's comfort. As a female friend, don't laugh at his boyfriend, because a man who is in trouble and frustrated needs comfort. If your encouragement is effective, you can see the return soon.

8. The most important thing for any man is his face, so most boys like to show off in front of new women. At this time, as a girlfriend, you should be happy to listen to him talk and ask questions from time to time, so that he will be more and more happy.

9. Men and women who love each other can't always be happy. It's hard to avoid conflicts because of small things. At this time, men generally have a good face and don't like to take the initiative to find you. So female friends should be smart to make friends with their boyfriends, so your boyfriends will think you are virtuous.