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Summer make-up how not to take off a few tips to let you know

We all know that summer make-up is the easiest to take off make-up, how can we go out in hot summer without taking off make-up~

Make up with curd before base

After the daily skin care steps, choose a fresh effect of pre makeup curd, evenly apply. The gel before make-up is usually transparent gel texture, which is easy to apply, and will not make the bottom make-up appear heavy. At the same time, the effect of filling pores and fine lines is more obvious. It can also control oil continuously and make the bottom make-up last longer.

Choose a clear foundation.

In hot summer, you should choose a liquid foundation with clear texture and oil control effect. If you are still using the Moisturizing Foundation cream, foundation cream and foundation liquid used in winter, these will only make your skin more serious in summer. When you put makeup on the foundation, just use the size of a pearl, three points on your forehead, nose and chin, then apply it gently from inside to outside.

Use a brush

When acne is present on the face, it is the most correct choice to use concealer, because Concealer can isolate other cosmetics, do not contact directly with the skin, so it will not slide or cause makeup. Using the brush to smear Concealer can make the bottom makeup look more natural and not easy to get rid of makeup.

Skillful use of powder cake

The use of powder can change the color of the face, but it is easy to form dry lines. So we should use transparent pancake to make the light and shadow effect of the bottom makeup more natural. Usually also need to hit in the center of the face, so as to make the eyebrows and cheekbones part of the light up, so that the whole person looks radiant.


A large part of the reason for taking off makeup is that the proportion of makeup on the face is different, so the method of taking a sponge should also be very particular. First, press three fingers on the back of the sponge, and gently rest the thumb and little finger on both sides to stabilize, so that half of the sponge can stick to a uniform amount of powder, first from the forehead to the temple, then from the nose to the bridge of the nose, and finally the cheek.

Use the sponge after putting on the base makeup

People who believe in make-up know that the thinner the natural makeup is, the more natural it is. After smoothing the foundation gently, you can use the clean side of the sponge in turn and press the face makeup on the face vertically to ensure that each powder is closely bound to the skin.

The key to make up

Honey powder is the most important step in the makeup. The function of honey powder can not be underestimated. It should not be underestimated, fixed makeup, oil control, covering the pores, and improving the foundation. The honey powder is used to brush the honey powder in the serious T area and the cheekbones. The amount of honey powder should not be too much, otherwise it will make the powder feel heavier, making the makeup look unnatural and easy to remove the makeup.